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1-800 Contacts are an online retailer of contact lenses. They stock several different contact lens brands and offer an online vision exam for people who need new prescriptions.

A popular alternative to glasses, contact lenses provide in-eye vision correction to around 45 million adults in the United States. People can purchase them through a store or online with companies such as 1-800 Contacts.

1-800 Contacts began trading in 1995, with their aim to provide better vision care throughout the U.S. They have already made their mark in the eye care industry by:

  • becoming the first company to sell contact lenses online
  • helping pass a federal law to ensure everyone has a right to know their prescription
  • launching the first mobile app to promote vision care
  • advocating for telehealth laws so everyone can receive the eye care they need

In addition, the company’s customer support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, offering free returns, exchanges, and a “best price” guarantee.

When it comes to delivery, a person can opt to pay for expedited shipping of their contact lenses. In addition, 1-800 Contacts provide a subscription service, which automatically sends out contact lenses to customers.

1-800 Contacts have accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where they have achieved an A+ grade.

However, reviews of 1-800 Contacts on the BBB website are mixed.

Several customers state the company’s customer service is helpful, replacing damaged lenses free of charge and immediately fixing any errors on their part. Others report fast shipping times and that their customer service representatives are friendly and compassionate.

However, other reviewers say the company’s customer service is not adequate and that representatives do not communicate delays or issues effectively. Several customers also cite long delays for refunds to be processed and that the company does not always honor the price match guarantee.

1-800 Contacts offer a variety of contact lenses and an online vision exam.

Contact lenses

Brands that are available through 1-800 Contacts include:

  • Air Optix
  • AquaSoft
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Biofinity
  • Biotrue
  • Clariti
  • Precision 1

These brands offer multifocal lenses, hydrating lenses, and lenses for astigmatism.

In addition, some brands have daily contact lenses, where a person throws them away at the end of each day, while others have longer-use lenses.

Online vision exam

The company offer a four-step online vision exam through their website that takes approximately 15 minutes.

The steps involve:

  1. checking a person’s eligibility to ensure telehealth is available in their state
  2. a redness check, which notes any redness or other irritation to the eye
  3. a vision test
  4. updating a person’s current prescription

A board-certified ophthalmologist in a person’s state will review the test results and issue a new prescription, sometimes within 24 hours.

To take the online vision exam, a person will need access to:

  • a smartphone or a computer
  • 10 feet of space between the device and themselves
  • a driver’s license or credit card to calibrate the device screen for the exam
  • their current prescription

However, the company state that this test does not replace the regular comprehensive eye exam that an individual should regularly have.

1-800 Contacts have a three-step ordering process:

  1. Search the website for a person’s contact lens brand or scan the side of an existing contact lens box.
  2. Enter a person’s prescription.
  3. Place the order.

If an individual cannot find their prescription, 1-800 Contacts will contact their eye care provider for a copy.

Individuals need to order the brand listed on their prescription. If they believe the brand is unsuitable for their needs, they may wish to consult with their eye doctor to discuss a different manufacturer.

1-800 Contacts will also consult with a person’s eye doctor to approve their order before shipping.


The company are an in-network provider for several insurance companies.

Most insurance companies also accept 1-800 Contacts in their list of out-of-network providers.

Returns and exchanges

The company offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders. As well as replacing damaged lenses, if a person’s prescription changes, they will accept returns for old lenses, as long as the original packaging is intact and sealed.

There are several online retailers that stock contact lenses, including:

Individuals may find eyeglasses more suitable if they cannot wear contact lenses or find them uncomfortable. For others, laser eye surgery might be worth considering.

It is important to keep the eyes healthy by having regular eye exams.

According to the National Eye Institute, Black, Hispanic, and Native American people are more at risk of developing certain eye diseases, as well as:

  • older adults
  • people with obesity
  • people with a family history of eye disease

When to speak with an eye doctor

A person should consult with an eye doctor if:

  • they experience blurred or out-of-focus vision
  • one or both eyes become red, swollen, or painful
  • a healthcare provider recommends seeing an eye doctor

How eyewear helps vision

Eyewear, such as prescription glasses and contact lenses, can help correct vision.

These products work by bending light to make it correctly focus on the retina. By doing this, prescription eyewear can correct astigmatism or refractive eye conditions such as near- or far-sightedness.

Wearing prescription glasses and contact lenses make it easier for people to see without compromising the eyes or making vision worse.

Contact lens health

It is important that people wearing reusable contact lenses take steps to clean, disinfect, and store their lenses. Most retailers stock multipurpose contact lens solutions.

The National Eye Institute recommend the following steps to take care of contact lenses:

  • wash and dry hands before touching eyes or contact lenses
  • remove old solution and clean contact lens cases after putting contact lenses in the eyes
  • rub and rinse lenses with contact lens solution after removal
  • dispose of daily lenses straight away or store reusable contact lenses in a storage case with a fresh solution

1-800 Contacts offer a convenient way to order contact lenses online.

They feature a subscription service that may be suitable for those who need contact lenses at similar times each month.

1-800 Contacts also offer vision exams on their website and stock several brands that eye doctors prescribe.

It is essential for a person to wear suitable prescription contact lenses to correct their vision. People may wish to contact an eye doctor if they believe their sight is worsening.