Medical News Today has launched a diabetes information hub called All About Diabetes – a comprehensive information centre covering a wide range of aspects of the condition.

The content consists of a mixture of texts, images and illustrations, and embedded videos, providing diseases/condition information for all audiences – from healthcare professionals to newly diagnosed patients.

Did you know that in ancient China diabetes was known as The Sweet Urine Disease? This was because it had been observed that ants were attracted to the urine of some people, and not to the urine of others. Ants are attracted to sweet things.

All About Diabetes includes the following areas:

What is Diabetes?
What is Insulin?
The Discovery of Insulin
Type 1 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes
Famous People Who Have/Had Diabetes
Treatments for Diabetes
Self Monitoring
Food Planning
Taking Insulin
Insulin Pumps
Useful Links

Additional disease/condition sections

MediLexicon International plans to add several new disease/condition specific sections in the next year in response to audience requests for further information to complement the news provided.

All About Diabetes

Written by Christian Nordqvist