Nestle USA has issued a voluntary recall of specific Nestle Raisinets batches because they may contain peanuts. As the candy should not have peanuts there is a risk consumers with peanut allergies or severe sensitivity may eat them and become ill; in some cases with life-threatening reactions. The recall refers to Nestle Rasinets, Fun Size Bags, 10oz, with a production code of 02015748/UPC number 2800010255.

The company says it is issuing this recall “out of an abundance of caution”. They have told the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and will cooperate fully with their investigation.

Nestle adds that its products do have the following precautionary statement on the label: “made on equipment that also processes peanuts”. However, it adds that Nestle Raisinets should not contain peanuts.

Nestle urges individuals with peanut allergy who have bought the recalled Raisinets not to consume them and to contact the company at Nestle Consumer Services at 1-800-478-5670. Any remaining packages should be discarded. The recalled product should not be returned to where they bought them.

Allergy to peanuts, also known as monkey nuts and groundnuts can go away as the child gets older, but is usually lifelong. Allergic reactions can be severe and may include anaphylaxis, and potentially deadly anaphylactic shock. Peanuts contain several allergens which are not destroyed after roasting or cooking.

In some cases, an individual’s allergy to peanuts can be so severe than even tiny amounts can cause a reaction.

Peanut oil is usually safe for people with peanut allergy because the allergic-causing proteins are removed during the manufacturing process. However, crude (unrefined) or cold-pressed peanut oil may still contain small amounts of allergens.

Some people with a peanut allergy may also react to green beans, kidney beans, green peas, soya and lupins. Strictly speaking, peanuts are not nuts. Even so, those with a peanut allergy may also be allergic to almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts and walnuts.

Source: Nestle USA

Written by Christian Nordqvist