Milwaukee comes out top in America’s 40 drunkest cities, published by The Daily Beast, followed by Fargo, San Francisco, Austin and Reno. The average adult in Milwaukee consumes 12.76 alcoholic drinks each month, 7% of all its people aged over 18 years are alcoholic, while 21.9% are binge drinkers. 3.9 people per 100,000 in Milwaukee die from alcoholic liver disease.

While the majority of people suffer no harm, and even perhaps derive some benefit from moderate drinking, many of us loosen the reigns too much during the New Year celebrations. The number of people ending up in emergency departments of hospitals skyrockets, the incidence of bar fights rises dramatically, as do alcohol-related traffic accidents in virtually every country in the world during this date.

The authors of The Daily Beast report set out to find out which US cities forget about alcohol’s rules of moderation too often. They also wanted to determine at which point does a regular tipple start turning into a long-term health issue?

When compiling “The 40 Drunkest Cities in America”, the authors measured average monthly alcohol consumption, highest levels of binge drinking, and where sizeable percentages of people suffered serious health complications due to excessive drinking.

The 40 Drunkest Cities in America are:

    1. Milwaukee, WI
    2. Fargo, ND
    3. San Francisco, CA
    4. Austin, TX
    5. Reno, NV
    6. Burlington, VT
    7. Omaha, NE
    8. Boston, MA
    9. Anchorage, AK
    10. San Diego, CA
    11. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
    12. Denver, CO
    13. Providence, RI
    14. Sioux City, IA
    15. Toledo, OH
    16. Hartford, CT
    17. Tampa, FL
    18. Portland, ME
    19. San Antonio, TX
    20. Philadelphia, PA
    21. Spokane, WA
    22. Cleveland, OH
    23. Sacramento, CA
    24. St. Louis, MO
    25. New Orleans, LA
    26. Tucson, AZ
    27. Buffalo, NY
    28. Tallahassee, FL
    29. Chicago
    30. Seattle-Tacoma
    31. Springfield-Holyoke, MA
    32. Portland, OR
    33. Davenport, IA
    34. Phoenix, AZ
    35. Cincinnati, OH
    36. Las Vegas, NV
    37. Baltimore, MD
    38. Cedar Rapids, IA
    39. Casper, WY
    40. Jacksonville, FL

“The 40 Drunkest Cities in America”

Source: The Daily Beast

Written by Christian Nordqvist