Leading investigators, scientists and clinicians from America and Europe met at Christ’s College, Cambridge in order to launch a novel initiative to revolutionize cancer treatment. Their aim is to transform the disease from terminal to manageable, chronic condition within the next decade.

The Inspire2live Foundation has set up the newly developed Discovery Network with the aim to link medical professionals with appropriate organizations, such as teams of clinicians, investigators, and lab researchers to constitute a united network, with a combined goal of improving cancer treatments for individuals and challenge the standard ways cancer research is conducted. Leading cancer experts, such as David Tuveson (Cancer Research, UK) and Jose Baselga (Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, USA) will meet this weekend in Cambridge to discuss ways in which their expertise can contribute to the Discovery Network in addition to finding ways in which they can collaborate together to transform the prognosis for the millions of current and future cancer victims.

Cancer kills more individuals than tubercrulosis, malaria and HIV combined, making it the leading cause of death worldwide. As the burden of cancer continues to rise it is estimated that, by the year 2030, 21.4 million individuals will be diagnoses with the disease each year, killing approximately 13.2 million people annually, unless urgent action is taken now. As the global population is set to increase to 7 billion on 31 October 2011, the Discovery Network is establishing ambitious targets in order to assist individuals around the world to take action against cancer in all forms.

Peter Kapitein, President and Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live explained: “The Discovery Network Conference will provide a unique opportunity where patients, oncologists and research organizations have come together to work towards a solution for the discovery of better cancer treatments. As a group, we know that current cancer research and development processes have fundamental challenges. If we are to cure cancer, we need to find new ways of getting the right treatments to patients. This is the focus of the Discovery Network.”

For more information on The Discovery Network and Inspire2Live, please visit: http://www.inspire2live.org

Written by: Grace Rattue