In this week’s PloS Medicine, a team of experts recommend that an international convention on research and development (R&D) should be adopted by the World Health Assembly.

According to the experts, who advise the World Health Organization (WHO) on R&D, the convention will join member states to action, as well as catalyze new information for diseases that predominantly affect individuals in developing countries.

John-Arne Røttingen and Claudia Chamas, chairpersons of the expert group, have concluded that the (CEWG) Consultative Expert Working Group’s R&D recommendations and reports will prompt a transforming change that will assist in making medicines accessible to those in developing nations. The researchers explained:

“We propose new strategies for how research in this area can be conducted and a new paradigm for how financial contributions should be determined based on the concept that both the costs and benefits of R&D should be shared.

We recommend a role for WHO in the stronger coordination of R&D and suggest pooling of financial investments to secure efficient allocations to where demands and opportunities are identified through active participation of developing countries.”

According to the researchers, an international convention “is a way to secure a systemic and sustainable solution since it creates a formalized platform for the future where countries can be held accountable.”

Written By Grace Rattue