A nerve stimulator could be a promising new form of treatment for migraine sufferers, suggests a recent study published in in the journal NeurologyCefaly(R)migraine


After receiving daily electrical stimulation for at least 20 months, patients suffered from fewer days with migraine than when they received no treatment (4.9 days a month versus 6.9 days).

identified and revealed the therapeutic benefits of using magnetic stimulation as a very promising non-drug treatment option for migraine.

In addition, an article published in Medical News Today in September 2012 suggested that a hand-held, non-invasive single pulse Spring Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) device, made by eNeura Technology in California, may provide effective treatment for migraine.

Some lifestyle changes may help reduce migraine frequency, says Mayo Clinic doctor, Robert Sheeler M.D.

Written by Joseph Nordqvist