Nearly 6,000 dead pigs have been removed from the Huangpu River, one of the main tap water supplies of China’s largest city, Shanghai. By early evening, Tuesday March 12th, authorities said a total of 5,916 pig carcasses had been found either floating in the river, along its banks, or seemingly thrown into bushes nearby.

Officials have emphasized that there is absolutely no evidence of any swine virus causing these deaths

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Shanghai gets most of its water supply from the Huangpu River. The city dumps most of its sewage into the river too. Tap water is heavily chrorinated because of pollution

The Global Times

  • Drinking water is safe
  • There have been no reports of diseased pork in markets
Weibo users have expressed skepticism regarding official statements on the quality of the local water and pork supplies


the rate at which pig carcasses are being salvaged from the river seems to be decreasing

tests on a number of pigs have only detected porcine circovirus, a disease which affects pigs all over the world and does not pose any danger to humans