The World Health Organization has stated that they aim to eradicate polio by the year 2018. Since 1988, when the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) was launched, immunization efforts have significantly reduced the number of polio cases. However, in order to achieve full eradication of the disease, there needs to be a great deal more funding.


the number of polio cases has dropped to only 223 per year

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Polioviruses have caused millions of deaths and disabilities worldwide

pledged to make sure their country’s health departments would do everything possible to eradicate polio in their countries.

“This decisive moment is a matter of health and justice. Every child should have the right to start life with equal protection from this disease. That’s why I have made eradicating polio a top priority for my second term as Secretary-General.”

“The evidence is clear: if we all do our part, we can and will end this disease. But we must act quickly and give ourselves the very best chance to succeed. When we defeat polio, it will motivate us to aim for other great health and development milestones.”

Last year WHO announced that India, once a polio hotspot, had been polio-free for over a year.