After former Marion County Prosecutor, Scott C. Newman was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 41, he began an intensive, high-energy one-on-one boxing training program which he claims dramatically improved his agility, daily functioning and overall physical health.

Rock Steady BoxingParkinson’s disease

Rock Steady Boxing

Newman says there is a program for all stages of Parkinson’s – from newly diagnosed patients to people who have been living with the disease for decades.

“Impact Grant”Peak Performance Fitness Center

“If you are living with Parkinson’s, you are not alone. Our boxers may not win titles or trophies, but they are all champions in the Rock Steady Boxing ring.”

“Rock Steady Training Camp”(resource no longer available at

  • calisthenics
  • core work
  • double-ended bags
  • focus mitts
  • heavy bags
  • jump rope
  • ring work
  • speed bags
  • circuit weight training
What if I have no boxing experience?

Is boxing better than physical therapy or going to exercise classes at my local fitness center?

nutritionIt became obvious several years ago that exercise really was good for people with Parkinson’s disease

hard and fast cycling on a stationary bike benefits people with Parkinson’s disease

Do participants need a doctor’s recommendation to attend Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) classes?

There are four levels of Parkinson’s Classes(resource no longer available at

the KrossBox class(resource no longer available at

  • Cardio endurance
  • More lean muscle mass
  • Superior strength
  • Extra power

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