According to a new report released by “Save the Children’s State of the World’s Mothers”, more than 1 million babies die the first day they are born (each year).

The millennium development goals on child and maternal mortality is only on track for 9 out of 137 developing countries.

the United States is riskier than 68 other countries

“It’s hard to imagine the depth of one mother’s pain in losing her baby the very day she gives birth, let alone a million times over. Yet, this report is full of hope. It shows there is a growing movement to save newborn lives and growing evidence that we can do it – saving up to 75 percent of them with no intensive care whatsoever.”

The global infant mortality rate has dropped drastically over the past two decades, from around 12 million deaths per year to only 7 million

  • A resuscitation device to help breathing
  • Antiseptic chlorhexidine which prevents infection
  • Injectable antibiotics
  • Antenatal steroid injections to improve lung development among preterm babies

“Today we know that the 1st day of life offers unequaled opportunity to save lives and set the stage for a healthy future. A new analysis shows that wider use of four extremely low-cost products around birth could annually prevent 1 million deaths in the first month of life.”

despite lengthier active resuscitation of very preterm babies over the past 15 years, their survival rates have not improved, according to a report published in Archives of Disease in Childhood.