Reynolds American Inc. is preparing the release of a game-changing product in the e-cigarette category. Their e-cigarette called “Vuse”, will enter one of the fastest-growing markets in the industry.


The e-cigarette is designed with innovative digital technology that ensures a satisfying vapor experience.

“VUSE is powered by Smart Technology which is designed to monitor and regulate the power, heat and cartridge performance to ensure a perfect puff first time, every time.

To date, adult smokers who have tried e-cigarettes haven’t found a product that performs consistently. With its digital technology, VUSE gives adult smokers considering e-cigarettes an innovative, high-quality product from a leading tobacco company.”

the company ensures a consistently reliable cartridge every time.

‘VUSE’ Digital Vapor Cigarette
In July the VUSE Solo and VUSE System will be available in stores in Colorado.

The VUSE Solo will cost approximately $10 and the VUSE System around $30.

“As the preferences of adult tobacco consumers change, we are leading the transformation of the tobacco industry, providing high-quality products for them to consider. Some Wall Street analysts have predicted significant growth for the e-cigarette category during the next few years. With our VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette, we intend to be a market leader in the category.”