Summer is officially here, and although medicine is always a hot topic, the subject of health has recently taken the political center stage with the Senate’s unveiling of their healthcare bill last week.

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Swimming pool season has arrived: whether you’re dipping your toes or diving straight in, Medical News Today have you covered for the latest health findings.

In the midst of what may feel like uncertainty for many people in the United States, Medical News Today remain committed to focusing on the science of medicine.

We have always aimed to further discussions around the latest findings as reported in peer-reviewed journals. Our hope is that consumers and medical professionals alike will benefit from receiving unbiased reports from the scientific community.

One such piece of research that affected both patients and medical professionals addressed routine self-monitoring of blood glucose levels for people with type 2 diabetes. This article was not only one of our most read, but also it sparked a lot of discussion.

“Natural” treatments have stepped into the spotlight, which is perhaps unsurprising given the uncertainty around the future of healthcare this month. Our readers were eager to throw their hats into the ring when it came to our article on cannabis and stress relief.

A further variation on this theme, our article on how cannabinoids and chemotherapy work together to kill cancer cells was one of our top-performing news stories of June.

Perhaps in the quest to put your health back in your own hands this month, many of you gravitated toward articles about the healing properties of certain foods. One of our most popular news stories involved turmeric, red grape, and apple compounds “starving” prostate cancer cells.

Turmeric also shined over in our Knowledge Center, where a top article asked whether turmeric can help to manage diabetes. Another popular query about diabetes was whether bitter melon could affect blood sugar levels.

The science of what happens after you quit smoking also piqued the interest of our readers, indicating that many of you are as curious as we are about what goes on in the body.

As Managing Editor of MNT, accuracy of reporting and quality of content have always been key for me. This month, you may have noticed that we put some attention into the look of our news stories, which are now more aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks to our tech teams in Taipei and San Francisco, we now have larger photos at the top of the page, and the overall layout is more eye-catching, furthering the quality and credibility of our content.

If you agree, feel free to share our articles through Twitter or Facebook, and don’t forget about our new “healthbot,” which will send you daily news via messenger.

Stay safe out there in these summer months, and, as always, stay curious.

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