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Want to get fit this year, but don’t know where to start? We have chosen the best fitness blogs to empower you and help to get you started on your journey to tip-top physical fitness.

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Fitness blogs aim to inspire, empower, and motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Getting up off the couch and taking part in regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you remain healthy.

Regular exercise can help to control your weight, strengthen your bones and muscles, and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

Furthermore, being active improves your mood, mental health, mobility, and ability to complete tasks as an older adult, as well as increases your chances of living longer.

Adults are recommended to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week to achieve substantial health benefits, and increase to 300 minutes for more extensive benefits.

If you are stuck on where to begin or are worried about getting injured, the good news is that aerobic activity — such as brisk walking — is considered to be safe for most people.

Hundreds of fitness blogs are also available to help you on your way and provide tips, ideas, and information on the best types of activity to boost fitness and instructions on how to do them.

Medical News Today have trawled through the many fitness blogs out there to bring you the top 10 fitness blogs for 2018.

MyFitnessPal is a smartphone app and website that records physical activity and diet. The app works out the optimal intake of calories and nutrients for the user to accomplish their goals, and it uses elements of gaming to motivate them.

MyFitnessPal’s blog focuses on providing easy-to-read information on eating psychology, nutrition, weight loss, fitness inspiration, workout guides, and motivational support through the victory stories on the blog.

Fitness posts include seven tips to lift weights without causing injury, songs that should feature on your 2018 running playlist, and brain- and body-boosting moves that you should add to your next walk.

Visit the MyFitnessPal Blog.

Natalie Jill Fitness was founded after Natalie Jill gained weight straight after losing her house, retiring, and ending her marriage. She turned her life around, and, in the process, became an inspiration to others.

Natalie specializes in fitness, weight loss, healthy lifestyles, and body weight training. Natalie coaches, motivates, and empowers people to stop making excuses, and instead make solutions to become the best version of themselves.

Recent posts on her blog include a booty-building workout to activate your glutes, an upper body workout using just your body weight, and how to do a chin up.

Visit the Natalie Jill Fitness blog.

ACE is an acronym for the American Council on Exercise. ACE are a nonprofit organization that certifiy exercise professionals and health coaches.

ACE’s vision is to get people moving and provide scientifically backed education to fitness professionals and health enthusiasts to make an impact on preventable diseases related to inactivity by 2035.

Their expert articles cover fitness topics such as exercises to improve agility, lower body exercises to complete instead of doing squats, and the many types of strength and their benefits.

Visit the ACE blog.

Adam Bornstein developed Born Fitness with the aim of taking the stress out of health, nutrition, and fitness. Whether you hope to lose weight, gain muscle, eat more healthfully, or live longer, Born Fitness provide solutions to fit your needs.

The Born Fitness team will help you to identify the diets, strategies, exercises, and workouts that are best suited to you, so that you can apply them to your life, achieve your goals, and live stronger and longer.

Activities are available on the blog to suit all levels of fitness — from beginner to advanced. Training posts include how to incorporate resistance bands into your routine, preventing knee, back, and shoulder injuries during your workouts, and the truth about the 7-minute workout.

Visit the Born Fitness blog.

The Fitnessista is a healthy lifestyle blog written by Gina Harney, who is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, and weight loss specialist based in San Diego, CA.

Gina is a mom of two, and she shares snippets of her family life on the blog along with quick, effective workouts and healthful recipes that are super speedy to put together.

The latest posts on The Fitnessista include things to help with fitness motivation, the barre HIIT workout that you can practice anywhere, and a strength and cardio workout that can be completed on a park bench.

Visit The Fitnessista blog.

Suzanne Bowen compiled all of the training that she had received and given over the course of 16 years and created Suzanne Bowen Fitness. Suzanne is also the creator of BarreAmped, which is an internationally taught barre fitness technique.

Regardless of whether you haven’t exercised for a while or if you are a seasoned expert, Suzanne has workouts that range from 10 minutes to over an hour that are effective for everyone.

The blog provides challenges and workouts to boost your fitness levels, such as the crunchless abs workout, a light weight routine for the upper body, and a rebounding workout and its benefits.

Visit the Suzanne Bowen Fitness blog.

Erica Ziel is a mother of three and the founder of Knocked-Up Fitness. Erica is a personal trainer and expert for fitness-infused Pilates.

With more than 10 years’ experience training numerous clients, Erica is an expert in prenatal and postnatal training, and teaching women how to strengthen their core muscles for an easier pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.

The Knocked-Up Fitness blog delivers real and relevant topics to the busy mom or mom-to-be with articles such as why it’s important to properly strengthen your core, how to prevent and relieve back pain during pregnancy, and how movement can prepare your body for birth.

Visit the Knocked-Up Fitness blog.

Lisa Gulley established Workout Mommy in 2007 to provide health and fitness information for moms. Lisa says that as a mom of four boys, she is fully aware of how being a mom requires you to look after someone other than yourself 24/7 and that finding the time to exercise is a challenge.

Lisa aims to provide the inspiration, motivation, and ideas you need to fit fitness, exercise, and health into your busy schedule and keep your sanity in check.

Posts on Workout Mommy include ways to overcome a negative mindset, tips on how to start a fitness routine, and the types of cardio exercises that are best for women.

Visit the Workout Mommy blog.

Katie Dunlop is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and the creator of Love Sweat Fitness. She started Love Sweat Fitness with the aim of inspiring women all over the world to find their happy and healthy body.

After college, Katie found herself overweight by 45 pounds and was fed up with trendy workouts and fad diets. She decided to take her fitness and health into her own hands, lost her excess weight, and identified her true passion for helping women to reach their goals.

Inspiring posts on Katie’s blog include ways to make your morning workout the best part of your day, five tips for a happier and healthier you this year, and how to train for a 10k run.

Visit the Love Sweat Fitness blog.

Nerd Fitness say that they are a community of misfits, mutants, and underdogs that are ready to help you on your fitness journey.

Whether you are overweight and frustrated, in danger of serious health issues, want to become a healthier parent, or just want to look after or feel better about yourself, Nerd Fitness aim to help you to make small changes so that you can live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Blog posts include the main differences between weight loss success and failure, the number of calories you burn while walking, and how to get strong like Logan with the Wolverine workout.

Visit the Nerd Fitness blog.