The time has finally come! I’m not referring to Spring — which still remains elusive — I’m talking about Medical News Today cracking the top 10 health websites in the world.

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Thanks to all of our readers, is now the 10th most popular health website in the world.

During the past 2 years in particular, we’ve been watching MNT move steadily from a ranking of somewhere in the thirties to alluringly close to the top 10. And this month, we received the report that we have finally arrived!

But what have we discovered along the way? We’ve learned that a devotion to the needs of our readers is the key to success, along with the ruthless pursuit of accuracy.

One of our company values is integrity, and this guiding principle has given us a place as an authority on health information.

I was curious to know what my fellow writers and editors have learned about health since working at MNT. I’ve taken their responses and compiled a top 10 list:

  1. Telomeres are like the plastic caps on shoelaces.
  2. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells.
  3. Sitting down all day is a sure way to pile on belly fat.
  4. Apple cider vinegar can treat a multitude of ills.
  5. Moderation in all things is best — even moderation.
  6. Always ask who funded the study.
  7. Being happy at work is so beneficial to overall health.
  8. Applying curiosity can reap health rewards.
  9. Scientific research is one of the greatest resources we have as humans.
  10. After seeing MNT‘s medical review process firsthand, I know that there is medical information on the Internet that I can trust.

But what did we learn together this month, dear reader? Our News team reported that two blood pressure drugs increase death risk and that the new guidelines for type 2 diabetes lower blood sugar control levels.

Our writers also investigated the state of cancer, asking if we are close to a cure.

You were also very interested in our article on whether it’s possible to unclog your arteries, which displays our interactive new body maps.

Home remedies to get rid of yellow teeth also piqued your curiosity, as did the top 10 foods for healthy eyes.

Earlier this month, Tim Newman and I attended the Wired Health conference in London, where we learned about the latest developments in health tech. I focused on the rise of so-called Femtech, and Tim focused on old tech, new ideas.

What are you curious about when it comes to your health? Let us know, and we’ll investigate for you. You can also contact us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for trusting us and helping MNT get to the top. Have a joyful, healthful start to the new Spring season!

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