The sound of Royal Wedding bells swept the globe this month. In the bustling city of Brighton, United Kingdom — the home of Medical News Today‘s editorial office — street parties were aplenty, and residents were even treated to a beachfront screening of Harry and Meghan’s special day.

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Street parties and beachfront screenings were a big part of the Royal Wedding celebrations in MNT’s hometown of Brighton.

The sun was shining (yes, in England!), and the atmosphere was brimming with joy and excitement.

More than 2 billion people worldwide tuned in to watch these two public figures enter a new chapter in their lives.

For many people, however, this wasn’t just any wedding; it was a departure from what can be deemed outdated Royal traditions. An American of biracial heritage has been welcomed into the monarchy.

As one of our editors stated, this wedding was “a sign of progress.” And watching this monumental event made me think of all the progress that has been made at MNT.

In just 2 years, our editorial team has grown more than three-fold. And, back in March, we became the 10th most popular health website in the world.

April was was another record-breaking month; over 30 million of you visited our site. And, just this week, we received the news that MNT have again moved up the ranks: we are now the 9th most popular health website in the world (thank you, readers!).

We recently increased the number of new articles that we bring you each month, so you have access to more health content than ever.

This month, our article on whether ghee is more healthful than butter caught your eye, and you were also interested in what high-potassium foods to avoid with kidney disease.

Diet has been a popular topic within our News content, too; you were curious about our report on the “profound health benefits” of intermittent fasting, and our article on how walnuts benefit your gut bacteria was a favorite.

Embracing the theme of progress, you were also intrigued by some new advances in medicine; our article on a new compound that could stop the spread of cancer grabbed your attention, as did our report on a common drug that could help to battle breast cancer.

As Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “[P]rogress is impossible without change.” Not only is an overhaul of our homepage on the horizon — which will enable easier access to our News articles — but you can also expect some noticeable improvements to our social media pages very soon.

All of the amazing progress that MNT have made so far would not have been possible without you, our readers. You are our motivation. We strive to bring you the best possible answers to your all of health queries, and to feed your scientific curiosity by delivering all the latest developments in medical research.

We love hearing your thoughts on our content, so please get in touch and send us your feedback. You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll be back next month with further updates on what’s in store for MNT.


Honor Whiteman, Managing Editor