Anhydrous means without water, and caffeine anhydrous, is a processed, dehydrated form of caffeine.

Caffeine anhydrous is becoming more popular as a supplement for weight loss and improved athletic performance. It is also present in food products such as caffeinated gum and energy bars.

Many people enjoy the feeling of alertness and energy that a caffeine supplement provides. Caffeine is, however, not without risk. Too much caffeine can have dangerous side effects.

Although they have different forms, caffeine and caffeine anhydrous are chemically the same.

Caffeine anhydrous <br />Image credit: Rafti Institute , 2005</br>” data-wp-editing=”1″><br><em>Filtering water and other components from natural sources of caffeine forms caffeine anhydrous.<br>Image credit: Rafti Institute, 2005</em></div>
<p>Caffeine occurs naturally in plants such as <a class=Share on Pinterest
Heavy caffeine use may cause side effects that include headaches, restlessness, and trouble sleeping.