I’ve worked in my fair share of offices. Popular notion holds that they are lifeless environments, dominated by the clacking of keyboards and the sound of printers running out of paper.

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We’re a colorful and curious bunch in the MNT editorial office.

When it comes to the Medical News Today editorial office, however, this stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our editorial office was first established in the United Kingdom a little over 5 years ago.

The team has grown more than fourfold in that time, and while there have been many changes, one thing remains the same: our culture.

From day 1, it was clear that the MNT team is something special. It abounds with wonderfully unique people, with interests ranging from rapping to paragliding. We all have different skillsets, and we all have very different tastes in music (cue the great ABBA debate).

However, there are some things that run throughout the team. “I love working with people who are so passionate about what they do, super hard-working, and determined to do the job well, but who also have an excellent sense of humor and can have fun,” one colleague commented.

“Empathy is always a priority,” said another, “and I can’t stress enough how much this contributes to sustaining a great work environment.”

It’s no secret that a happy team is a productive one. We’re so happy to be part of a team with one distinct aim: to provide you, our readers, with reliable and actionable health content.

It seems that you like what we’re doing. July was a record-breaking month for MNT; more than 35 million of you came to our site. What is more, MNT have moved up the ranks to become the 7th biggest health website in the United States!

This month, our article about how to lose weight without diet or exercise proved popular, and you were keen to learn about the health benefits of cranberry juice, as well as which foods can help reduce anxiety.

Our report on a study about an existing drug that could prevent Alzheimer’s disease piqued your scientific curiosity in August, as did our feature on the latest research on the health benefits of vitamin D.

You were also interested in our article on a study that links the keto diet to diabetes, and our story on how probiotics could be linked to “brain fog” and bloating caught your eye.

As always, we’re open to article suggestions. Is there a health topic you’d like to learn more about? Get in touch and we’ll get on the case! You can also reach out to us via Facebook, and you can keep up with the latest medical research by following us on Twitter and Pinterest.

You’ll hear more from me and the rest of the weirdly wonderful MNT team next month.

Have a happy and healthful September!

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Honor Whiteman, Managing Editor