A couple of months ago, while I was getting ready for work one morning, I experienced a sudden, sharp pain in my lower back. It was excruciating, and I could barely move.

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It’s essential for all of us to have access to online health information we can trust.

In the days to follow, I discovered that I was experiencing sciatica, likely caused by a herniated disk.

My mobility was limited for the first 2–3 weeks, and I was becoming increasingly frustrated at how difficult I found it to carry out once simple activities, such as getting dressed and going to the bathroom.

Like many people with health queries, between the doctor’s visits and physiotherapy sessions, I turned to the internet for further information.

Needless to say, Medical News Today was my first port of call when it came to finding exercises to ease sciatic pain and the best sleeping positions for lower back pain.

I know first-hand that all of our articles use trusted sources, and that our writers and editors review a myriad of medical research to provide the best possible health information.

I know that medical professionals review every single Knowledge Center article, and that all of our content goes through a rigorous editorial process.

For me, my experience during the past 2 months has emphasized the importance of having access to health information that can be trusted. It’s important to us that you, our readers, know that you can trust MNT.

That’s why we’re making our editorial process clearer for you. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a page that walks you through how we create our content. We hope that this will reinforce your trust in MNT as an authoritative and reliable source of medical news and health information.

We’ll also be making some other changes to the site, including making our article references more prominent. Watch this space!

So, which health topics have caught your eye this month? It seems that diet and exercise are high on your list of priorities. Our article on the possible reasons that weight loss is not working proved popular, as did our articles on the best full-body exercises and what to eat on a high-protein diet.

Within our news content, you were interested to learn about a study suggesting that a “cheat day” could counteract any benefits from the keto diet, and our article on how a 5-minute breathing workout could boost brain and heart health piqued your curiosity.

Other popular content this month included our fascinating coverage of a group of researchers who succeeded in restoring some brain functions in deceased pigs.

One of my top picks for this month is a touching article penned by one of our own editors, Adam. He talks about his experience with hearing loss and how getting hearing aids has transformed his life. If you haven’t already read this, please do!

Do you have any health topics you’d like us to cover or any feedback you’d like to share? Get in touch!

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I’ll be back next month with further updates on what’s happening at MNT and what you’ve been reading.

In the meantime, have a happy and healthful May!

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