You’d think we’d be pleased to see some dry, sunny weather here in the United Kingdom. After all, it’s quite a rarity. But those of you who’ve spent any time here will know that there’s a fine line between enjoying the sunshine and complaining about it.

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The MNT team managed to power through last week’s heatwave.

Last week, we crossed that line; the U.K. had its hottest day since records began, with temperatures reaching 38.7°C (101.6°F) in some areas.

Roads were melting and train tracks were buckling in the heat, causing chaos for commuters.

At Medical News Today‘s editorial office in Brighton, U.K., electric fans were working overtime and lunchtime strolls to the beach were aplenty. However, the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s been rising.

This month, we received the exciting news that the Healthine property — which includes MNT — has climbed the ranks to become number 1 in the online health information category!

At MNT, our overarching goal is to provide accurate, trustworthy, and unbiased content that feeds your curiosity and helps you make informed health decisions.

Whether it’s to learn about the latest innovations in medical research or to find out more about a specific health condition, over 70 million of you visit our site every month — and we’re so happy you like what we’re doing.

So, which articles piqued your curiosity in July? You were interested to learn about eye floaters, and our article on the top high potassium foods proved popular. You were also keen to learn about alcohol bloating and how walking may help with weight loss.

Supplements were a trending topic within our news content this month. Our article on a study that questioned the benefits of some dietary supplements for heart health caught your eye.

You were also intrigued by our coverage of research that linked a spinach supplement to increased muscle strength, as well as our story on how an increasingly popular supplement called kratom might pose a public health threat.

Other popular news included our coverage of a study linking cardiovascular risk to body fat storage and our article on how an experimental compound could halt glioblastoma, a deadly brain cancer.

One of my top picks for July is our fascinating feature on three “conditions” that doctors no longer recognize. Yes, they really did once consider “bicycle face” to be a physiological condition!

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I’ll be back next month, likely reporting from the wet and windy U.K. that the MNT team is much more familiar with.

Until then, have a happy and healthful August!

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