Not only do Americans pay much more for medical treatment than anyone else in the world, they also seem to bear the brunt of the most medical errors. This is according to a survey covering the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, N Zealand, UK and USA. Almost 7,000 patients were consulted.

Americans are the most likely to have to pay (out-of-pocket) expenses over $1,000. 34% of the American patients surveyed said they had encountered either medication errors, wrong test results, late test results or treatment errors.

People reporting at least one of these errors: Medication errors – wrong test result – delay in getting test result -treatment or care errors

USA – 34%
Canada – 30%
Australia – 27%
New Zealand – 25%
Germany – 23%
UK – 22%

In the UK people pay nothing for medical treatment or medical tests. Prescriptions are heavily subsidised by the state. Contrast the UK error rate with the USA’s, the problem for Americans’ is compounded by their soaring medical treatment and medication costs.

Over 50% of the Americans in the survey said they either don’t take their medication or don’t see a doctor because they can’t afford the soaring prices.

Americans are most dissatisfied with what happens to them when they are discharged from hospital.

At Medical News Today we have received many emails from Americans on this theme. The prevailing message is that medical care is expensive and of poor quality.

Written by: Christian Nordqvist
Editor: Medical News Today