A spokesman at the Xijing Military Hospital, Xian, China, announced that it has carried out the country’s first face transplant on a man whose face had been disfigured by a bear attack.

Li Guoxing, 30, received a new upper lip, cheek and nose. The whole procedure came from the same donor. Surgeons worked for 14 hours on the his face. Guoxing was a hunter who suffered a bear attack two years ago, leaving his face severely disfigured.

This is the second face transplant ever carried out anywhere in the world. Isabelle Dinoire, France, had a face transplant after her dog mauled her as it tried to wake her up from a suicide attempt. The dog was eventually put down (against the family’s wishes).

According to hospital sources, this procedure was more complex and intricate than the one carried out on Isabelle Dinoire, in France.

Xijing Military Hospital announced that the operation was a success and that the patient’s wounds should heal within a week. Guoxing is said to be in ?good condition’.

Written by: Christian Nordqvist
Editor: Medical News Today