The Salinas Valley, California, is now the focus of possible fresh lettuce E. coli contamination. So far, authorities say they have received no reports of people getting ill. A few weeks ago raw spinach, tainted with E. coli, from the same valley, caused the deaths of three people in the USA and made almost 200 people ill.

Nunes Co. Inc. has voluntarily recalled all its lettuce, as irrigation water may have contained E. coli. Tom Nunes Jr., CEO of the company, said that so far no E. coli has been detected in their lettuces.

Nunes said, “We’re just reacting to a water test only. We know there’s generic E. coli on it, but we’re not sure what that means. We’re being extra careful. This is precautionary.”

The recalled lettuce is under the Foxy brand, and was delivered to retail outlets on October 3-6 in California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Nevada. It is possible that the retail outlets sold the lettuce on to restaurants, schools, prison, hospitals and other institutions. Consumers and retailers are told to look out for Green Leaf 24 Count and Green Leaf 18 Count packages, lot code 6SL0024.

Authorities have warned people not to consume bottled carrot juice after some people in Georgia, Florida and Toronto became ill with botulism poisoning. One person in Florida, and two in Toronto became paralyzed after consuming carrot juice. The carrot juice is produced by Bolthouse Farms, Bakersfield, California.

5,200 pounds of ground beef had to be recalled after federal inspectors had questioned the testing methods used at a slaughterhouse in Nebraska. However, Jim Goeser, owner of Jim’s Market and Locker Inc. of Harlan, Iowa, says the meat is safe and that no samples have come back positive for E. coli. There have been no reports of people getting ill after eating the ground beef.

Written by: Christian Nordqvist
Editor: Medical News Today