Isabelle Dinoire, who had a partial face transplant a year ago, can go out without people noticing her scars, said her doctor, Professor Devauchelle, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Amiens, France. Isabelle says she is now able to smile.

Devauchelle was interested to hear that people who had only seen her before her face was mauled are starting to recognize her – meaning she is beginning to look like her old self. It was expected that a face transplant recipient would look different – neither like her/his old self nor the donor.

Devauchelle said she does have scars, but they don’t stand out. He added that she still occasionally experiences minor inflammations near wires deep beneath her skin. With a bit of make-up, he added, the scars are hardly noticeable.

Her face has restored its sensitivity to touch and temperature. She can drink and eat without difficulty now.

Since her operation, there have been two occasions when her body started to reject the foreign tissue. However, this was successfully treated with immunosuppressant drugs.

Even though doctors advised her to give up smoking, Isabelle continues to smoke.

Isabelle Dinoire lost parts of her face when her dog tried to revive her during a suicide attempt.

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Amiens, France

Written by: Christian Nordqvist
Editor: Medical News Today