The loss of hair in men is difficult to accept as it indicates aging, loss of physical strength and the fear of not looking attractive to women anymore. And since baldness occurs in mid life, the emotional effects are stronger. Though men undergo substantial emotional effects with aging, it is the women who tend to find it much more difficult to handle hair loss.

In fact, it has been scientifically proven through studies that women tend to suffer more emotionally and psychologically than men on losing hair. In fact, the psychological effects were much more severe than effects men went through when losing hair. Men and women were made to answer questionnaires designed by psychologists and physicians to find out the emotional effects on women.

The results of these tests showed that women were much more worried about the way they looked than men. This led to a deeper psychological investment in the way they looked to the public. This was because women were, and are not exactly vain; they are more particular about the way other people perceived them. This is why women go through more emotional stress with the loss of hair.

It is a known fact that to a woman, her hair is her crowing glory; and this is what all women generally feel about their hair. So with the loss of their hair, women tend to find a loss in self worth and self esteem. They tend to feel insecure about their appearance and how the world and the people around them will accept them.

Though both sexes experience hair loss, men usually follow a general pattern and it is recognized how fast they lose their hair. With this, not many people tend to get surprised when a man balds. In fact, family and friends tend to help them, and offer some humor to them. In the case of women who lose hair, they are not usually offered any support from friends and family as not many people take their hair loss condition seriously. This is mainly because there is no particular female hair loss pattern. The hair loss is more diffused and doesn’t start at any particular age.

So it is better for a woman to talk to a certified dermatologist to find out the cause of her hair loss, when experiencing hair loss. On learning the options she has to choose from, which the dermatologist gives on diagnosing her condition, it is up to her to decide the course of action depending on the procedure and costs. The most obvious option is to restore hair by a physician using surgical hair restoration. offers information and support for people suffering from hair loss.

Chrisitan Nordqvist
Editor: Medical News Today