Male enhancement pills, such as Androzene, reportedly help boost sexual performance, stamina, and energy.

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However, people considering male enhancement pills may wish to talk with their doctor to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

This article discusses what Androzene is, how it works, potential health benefits and risks, and other enhancement alternatives.

Androzene is a male enhancement supplement. The manufacturers state it can boost the following:

  • sexual performance
  • sexual stamina
  • energy

The company also states that its ingredients increase penile blood flow and boost mood.

The supplement comes in pill form. Each bottle contains 90 pills, while a single serving includes 3 tablets.

The company recommends people take 1–3 pills one hour before bed or before any sexual activity.

The main ingredients in Androzene include:

  • yohimbine
  • guarana seed extract, 22% of which is caffeine
  • taurine
  • plant extracts, including nettle root and epimedium

The pill bottle states the blend is proprietary, so there is no way of knowing how much of each substance the supplement contains, except yohimbine — the label says that each serving contains 15 milligrams of this ingredient.

No research investigates the effectiveness of Androzene’s proprietary blend. However, studies have investigated whether its ingredients affect male sexual activity.


Studies looking into yohimbine for male sexual enhancement have mixed results. Most research concludes there is not enough evidence linking the ingredient to improved erectile dysfunction (ED).

A small 2002 study looking into the effects of yohimbine on ED found that it effectively treated some males with the condition. However, the sample size was small in that it only included 18 males and no placebo group, so individuals should interpret these results with caution.

Other research from 2011 concludes that while yohimbine can produce some negative physiological effects, such as agitation and anxiety, there is no evidence suggesting it can produce physical enhancement.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) states there is not enough research to suggest that the substance is an effective supplement for treating ED.

Guarana seed

Guarana seed extract may act as a stimulant and aphrodisiac. However, as it contains caffeine, it is not clear whether it is the caffeine that acts as a stimulant and aphrodisiac, rather than the guarana seed extract itself.

One research paper from 2015 suggests that caffeine may reduce the likelihood of ED in males who drink at least 2 cups daily. However, these results did not apply to people with diabetes. The study notes that there needs to be more research into the effectiveness of caffeine on ED.

Other research concludes that there is no association — positive or negative — between caffeine intake and ED. However, this study investigated the effects of caffeine on those who self-reported the condition, which may mean that results may differ for males with an ED diagnosis from healthcare professionals.

Other ingredients

There are few studies on the effectiveness of the other ingredients in Androzene.

An animal study from 2016 suggests that taurine may improve ED in rats. However, more research is needed to investigate whether this ingredient has the same effect in humans.

While some ingredients may be effective in treating ED, studies do not support many of Androzene’s claims.

There are currently no studies investigating the health benefits of male enhancement pills.

Research from 2019 does suggest that guarana seed extract is likely safe as long as people follow caffeine guidelines. However, individuals should consult with their doctor before taking Androzene.

Health risks

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) explains that some supplement products contain high doses of ingredients not declared on the packaging. Additionally, the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, which include male enhancement supplements.

Studies have investigated the potential health risks of Androzene’s ingredients. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before taking a nonprescription male enhancement pill to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Research from 2011 states that taking yohimbine in large doses may produce side effects such as:

  • anxiety
  • high blood pressure
  • rapid heartbeat
  • agitation

And according to a 2013 case study, taking too much of the substance may be fatal in rare cases. People should read nutritional labels carefully and consult with a doctor before using products that contain this ingredient.

According to the NCCIH, yohimbine may trigger:

  • heart attacks
  • seizures
  • upset stomach

Combining yohimbine with prescription medications, such as antidepressants, may have adverse effects. Additionally, there is no consensus on whether it is safe to consume yohimbine while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Individuals should consult with their doctor before taking any nonprescription male enhancement pills.

While some people may find relief with male enhancement supplements, such as Androzene, others might not benefit from them. Some individuals also have concerns about the potential side effects of taking supplements with unspecified proprietary blends.

A person who believes they are experiencing ED may wish to make an appointment with a healthcare professional. A doctor can diagnose and recommend treatments that best suit each individual.

People who have ED have several medical treatment options, including:

Additionally, there is evidence that lifestyle changes may help with ED, including:

Individuals may wish to make an appointment with a healthcare professional to discuss medical treatment and lifestyle changes before taking nonprescription male enhancement pills.

Supporters of Androzene, a male enhancement pill, say it can help with ED and sexual performance. However, there is little research to confirm the benefits of this type of male enhancement product.

The FDA does not test these products for safety or efficacy. Many male enhancement supplements, including Androzene, contain proprietary blends of ingredients, making it difficult to determine how much of a specific substance is in a single serving.

With this in mind, various health organizations recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before taking any nonprescription male enhancement supplement.