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Audicus sells programmable, customized hearing aids online at a lower price than similar companies.

This article discusses the Audicus brand, what it offers, how to order, some alternative brands, and more.

On its website, Audicus says that it can offer lower prices because it partners with leading manufacturers and eliminates intermediaries. It describes its approach as similar to that of Warby Parker, an online eyeglass retailer.

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Audicus gets mostly positive customer reviews online. Positive comments mention the quality of its products and customer service. Many commenters appreciate the low cost and ease of purchasing.

Negative comments mention problems with resolving delivery issues and fitting the hearing aids.

The company’s website says that the Audicus Online Hearing Test allows it to sell customized, programmable hearing aids online.

The test is free, and Audicus says that it takes under 20 minutes to complete. If purchasers have not undergone a clinical hearing test elsewhere, they can take the Audicus test. The company’s technicians will then program the customer’s hearing aids.

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An online hearing test may not be a suitable replacement for a full audiogram if a person has:

Audicus sells the following hearing aids:

  • Dia II: Made for mild-to-moderate hearing loss, this is the lowest cost hearing aid that Audicus sells. It sits behind the ear and is available in beige, gray, or silver.
  • Clara: Audicus says that this hearing aid is its best-selling model, and it is appropriate for mild-to-severe hearing loss. It has two-directional microphones and digital signal processing. It is very small and discreet.
  • Aura: Covering mild-to-moderate hearing loss, this hearing aid sits inside the ear, so it is discreet. Users can change settings by tapping the device. The company’s website says that people can comfortably wear these hearing aids all day, and the batteries last for about a week.
  • Wave: This is the highest cost and most technologically advanced hearing aid that Audicus offers. It is made for mild-to-moderate hearing loss. It is rechargeable, can sync with smartphones and Bluetooth devices, and is controllable through a dedicated app.

Some other Audicus services include:

  • the Audicus Care Subscription, which is a service that delivers batteries and other hearing aid supplies every 3 months
  • the Audicus Protect Subscription, which is similar to an insurance policy and offers a one-time replacement benefit for lost hearing aids
  • domes and earwax guards with most models
  • an initial set of batteries with all hearing aids, except rechargeable models

The company’s website says that it offers ongoing support for customers, including unlimited access to experts, product manuals, video tutorials, and answers for common problems.

Audicus sells most of its hearing aids through its online portal, though it does operate brick-and-mortar hearing clinics in some major cities in the United States.

To order hearing aids from Audicus online, people can send the company the results of a recent hearing test or take the Audicus Online Hearing Test on the company’s website.

People can then decide on:

  • the hearing aid they want
  • the enhancements they want, such as enhanced clarity or rechargeability
  • whether they want to make a one-time payment or pay a monthly subscription fee
  • whether or not they want any accessories, such as a remote control or TV connector

Since Medicare and most insurance plans do not cover hearing aids, individuals are usually responsible for their full cost. Financing is available through Audicus.

Returns, warranties, and refunds

Audicus offers a 45-day, risk-free trial period for people to try out all of its hearing aids. All products come with a 1-year warranty covering repairs.

People can send any hearing aids that require repairs after the warranty period to Audicus, and the company will assess the fees depending on how much work is necessary. Trade-ins may also be an option.

The company’s website says that it offers unlimited reprogramming for customers. Reprogramming can involve adjusting sound quality or amplification levels on the hearing aids.

The following are some other leading online hearing aid retailers:

  • MDHearingAid: This company offers three different hearing aids at prices often lower than other sites. The products range from the entry level Air to the more advanced and discreet Air. The company also offers the rechargeable and water resistant Volt and the personalized Core, which can sync with smartphones and tablets. Learn more about MDHearingAid here.
  • Lexie: This company uses remote experts to fit Bluetooth hearing aids at a lower cost than other companies. Its products are sweatproof, with noise reduction technology, directional microphones, telecoil functionality, and extended battery life. People can control these hearing aids with the Lexie app and pay for them with a monthly subscription fee.
  • ReSound: ReSound sells a wide range of hearing aids, including digital devices that pair with smartphones and tablets, discreet models that go in the ear canal, models with Bluetooth options, and more.

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, 15% of U.S. adults have difficulty hearing, and roughly 28.8 million U.S. individuals could see positive results from using hearing aids.

However, only 1 in 7 U.S. adults who could benefit from hearing aids actually use them.

Using hearing products can help people prevent other health problems associated with hearing loss, such as:

Some researchers have found that people with a positive attitude and confidence about using hearing aids are more likely to have successful outcomes.

Individuals who perceive a substantial benefit from their hearing aids are also more likely to continue using them.

People who suspect that they may be experiencing hearing loss should contact an audiologist about hearing tests and hearing aids.

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Audicus bypasses intermediaries and sells hearing aids online at lower prices than other similar companies. Its product line includes four models, ranging from an entry level unit to a hearing aid that syncs with smartphones and tablets.

Using hearing aids can reduce the impact of hearing loss and prevent associated health problems.