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Beautyrest are a well-known mattress brand in the United States. People can choose from different types of Beautyrest mattress, for which the online reviews are generally positive.

The best mattress for a person will depend on their preferred sleeping position, budget, and required support and comfort. Some individuals may also need to factor in specific health requirements. Looking at reviews for different options can help people select the one that best suits them.

This article discusses the Beautyrest brand and provides more information on some of their mattresses.

In 1876, Zalmon G. Simmons, the founder of Simmons Bedding Company, began mass-producing mattresses, and the company claim that they have been an innovator in the bedding industry ever since.

The company introduced Beautyrest mattresses in 1925. In the 1950s, Simmons became the first manufacturer to make King and Queen sized mattresses.

The company went bankrupt in 2010, but they currently have about 15% of the market share for mattresses in the U.S.

The company will bring new mattresses into people’s homes and remove the old ones — a service that they call White Glove Delivery. They also provide a 100-day sleep trial.

In general, online reviews of Beautyrest mattresses give the brand good ratings for comfort but mention concerns about how long that comfort lasts. In addition, some models seem to be better than others at keeping people cool during sleep.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All of the information below is purely research-based.

The following are the mattresses that Beautyrest currently offer:

Beautyrest Black Mattress

This 13-inch mattress features the manufacturer’s T3 Pocketed Coil for support and offers edge-to-edge support.

People have the option to upgrade their mattress with carbon-infused memory foam for a cooler sleep and a layer of gel foam for added comfort.

The cooling upgrade could make this an attractive choice for people who get hot sleeping, and the coils could help people who need firm support.

Beautyrest Black Hybrid Mattress

This 13.5-inch mattress reduces motion transfer by combining pocketed coils with memory foam.

The company claim that this mattress provides relief for key pressure points, including the hips and shoulders.

The specially formulated covers and memory foam may help keep people cool as they sleep.

Beautyrest Harmony Mattress

This mattress features the company’s dual-stage coil design, which aims to provide support under heavy compression, thereby relieving pressure points.

It also features layers of memory foam and cooling charcoal foam.

People can upgrade this 13-inch mattress to include a breathable gel foam layer and a comforting pillow top surface.

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Mattress

People purchasing this 13.5-inch mattress can select their preferred level of firmness: plush, medium, or extra firm.

Comprising gel memory foam and the company’s Wave Foam, this mattress provides contouring support.

The environmentally friendly cover uses recovered plastics from the ocean to make it both soft and durable.

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Mattress

This mattress has multiple layers, which consist of:

  • pocketed coils
  • firm comfort foam
  • gel memory foam
  • wave foam
  • Micro Diamond memory foam

The manufacturers claim that this design helps maintain coolness during sleep.

The mattress is 14.75 inches thick and comes topped with a cover made from reclaimed sea plastics.

The two leading mattress manufacturers in the U.S. are Sealy and Serta. However, some reviews of Sealy mattresses do mention concerns about durability and company warranties.

Learn more about Sealy and their products here.

The Serta Mattress Company have been building and selling mattresses since 1931. Some reviewers report that these mattresses lose their supportive quality over time.

Learn more about Serta and their products here.

A good mattress should provide comfort as well as support. Adequate pressure point support is good for nearly anyone trying to get a good night’s sleep on a mattress.

A 2018 study compared memory foam mattresses with mattresses made using other materials. The researchers found that memory foam reduced body pressure.

For people with chronic back pain, there may be no benefit to choosing a memory foam mattress. A 2014 analysis did not find that using a memory foam mattress provided significant benefits compared with using either a foam mattress without springs or a waterbed.

A 2003 study found that a medium-firm mattress may help ease back pain. However, in a 2008 study, participants noted no reduction in back pain when sleeping on a firm mattress.

It is important for a person to consider their individual needs and preferences before purchasing a mattress. There is a lack of evidence to support many manufacturers’ claims about the benefits of their products.

An old or well-used mattress may not provide adequate support. The general advice is to replace a mattress every 7 years or so.

Learn more about when to replace a mattress here.

Beautyrest mattress reviews are generally good. It may help consumers to look at different review websites to compare ratings for different Beautyrest products.

People should take advantage of the 100-night sleep trial to test out a Beautyrest mattress before committing to the purchase.