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Adjustable beds allow people to customize their sleep position to help with a health condition or add comfort. When choosing an adjustable bed, a person may wish to consider the benefits, functions, costs, warranties, and quality.

An adjustable bed may benefit a person with certain health conditions, such as acid reflux. Also, these beds are often popular among those who like to read or watch television while in bed.

This article will explore the benefits of using an adjustable bed, some considerations to make before buying one, and a few options to try.

Many modern adjustable bed models are electronic and provide a controller to lift or lower the feet, head, or both.

An adjustable bed frame can work with various mattress options, and many online mattress retailers offer adjustable frames as an option.


Elevating the head may have a positive effect on health conditions such as acid reflux and sleep apnea.

According to one 2012 study, participants who slept with an elevated head saw a reduction in acid reflux symptoms, such as heartburn, and improved sleep quality with reduced disturbances.

Also, a small 2017 study found that participants who slept in an inclined position saw a reduction in the severity of their sleep apnea symptoms. They also noted no difficulties with comfort during their sleep.


Researchers do not often consider mattress and frame types when conducting sleep studies. Because of this, a person should exercise caution if a manufacturer makes broad claims about their adjustable beds improving several different health conditions.

Watching TV and working from bed may affect a person’s sleep quality. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, people should only use their bed for sleep and sex, and they should turn off all electronic devices around 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Before choosing an adjustable bed frame, a person may wish to consider:

  • the cost
  • the product’s quality and materials
  • whether or not their current mattress is compatible with an adjustable bed or if a new one will be necessary
  • independent reviews of the product and the retailer or manufacturer
  • the functionality and number of adjustment positions it offers
  • the product warranty or guarantee period
  • the delivery options
  • the recycling options

There are some words and phrases relating to adjustable beds that a person may not yet be familiar with. The list below will look at some of the most common.

  • Wall-hugging: This refers to the position of the mattress in relation to the wall. During and after transitions, the technology ensures that there is no gap between the mattress and the wall, regardless of mattress position.
  • Zero gravity: This refers to the fact that a particular position of the bed, or the point of transition from one position to another, may mimic the feeling of weightlessness.
  • Ergonomic design: This means that the manufacturers have tailor-made the product to support the human form.
  • Whisper-quiet: This means that the mechanisms for the various frame functions are no louder than a person whispering.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried any of these products. All information presented here is purely research-based.

Purple PowerBase

Purple are an online mattress retailer who sell adjustable bed frames for their mattresses. According to their website, their adjustable bed frames feature:

  • under bed lighting
  • USB ports
  • a one-button command to return the bed to a flat position
  • adjustable heights for the frame and bed
  • a zero-gravity feel during transitions
  • a massage function
  • customizable positions for the head

Their adjustable beds have several warranties based on service. These include:

  • 1 year: parts and labor
  • 2 year: motor warranty
  • 5 year: coverage for parts only
  • 20 year: limited warranty

The base does not come with a mattress. This means that a person would need to purchase this separately unless they already have a mattress that is compatible with an adjustable base.

The Purple PowerBase is available to purchase online.

Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress

Saatva are an online mattress company who offer hybrid mattresses. Their Solaire Adjustable Mattress and Lineal Adjustable Base provide two forms of customization.

According to their website, the adjustable mattress allows people to change its firmness using air pressure and adjust their head and foot position using the remote control for the base. The adjustable base features under bed lighting, a wall-hugging feature, and a three-level massage function.

The company offer:

  • a 180-night in-home trial
  • free delivery
  • free setup
  • old mattress removal
  • a 25-year warranty
  • a choice between an individual or full bed rise

This adjustable bed comes as a complete package with the mattress and adjustable base, but a person can choose to purchase the mattress only.

The Lineal Adjustable Base is non-returnable, cannot be exchanged, and does not have a home trial period.

The Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress is available to purchase online here.

DreamCloud’s Adjustable Bed Frame

DreamCloud offer hybrid mattresses and an adjustable bed frame. They sell both separately.

The bed frame features head and foot raising functions with three positions, a massage option, a zero-gravity feel during transitions, and an easy setup.

According to the DreamCloud website, the company offer:

  • a 3-year warranty
  • a 50-day in-home trial
  • free shipping and returns
  • financing for those who qualify

DreamCloud’s Adjustable Bed Frame is available to purchase online.

Ghostbed Adjustable Base Combo Bundle

Ghostbed offer foam and hybrid mattresses with the option to combine the mattress with an adjustable bed frame.

The adjustable bed frame has a wireless remote control. It has head and foot raising functions, a whisper-quiet massage option, under bed lighting, and USB ports.

The bed frame has a lifetime limited warranty:

  • The full warranty applies to the first year a person has the frame, including freight, labor, and parts.
  • The second-year warranty is for parts only.
  • The limited lifetime warranty applies to the mechanical parts within the base and the steel frame.

According to the company’s website, their adjustable bed base and mattress combination offers:

  • a 101-night trial for the mattress
  • free shipping
  • a 20-year warranty
  • wireless remotes
  • a preassembled bed frame

The Ghostbed Adjustable Base Combo Bundle is available to purchase online.

Latex for Less Adjustable Base

Latex for Less offer a 100% latex mattress made with flippable, medium firm support and an adjustable base.

According to Latex for Less, their adjustable base offers:

  • a maximum 60-degree angle for the head
  • a 45-degree angle for the feet
  • three presets, including Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat
  • two programmable positions
  • a whisper-quiet motor
  • free shipping
  • a 20-year, tiered warranty

Latex for Less sell the bed frame and the mattress separately.

The Latex for Less Adjustable Base is available for purchase online.

Adjustable bed frames can be costly, but there are several other options available.

  • Mattress Genie is a triangular pillow that allows a person to elevate the head of their mattress by placing it between the mattress and the bed frame.
  • Additional pillows can enable a person to raise their head or feet or provide support between the knees.
  • Bed rests offer a soft but supportive way to raise the head, neck, and shoulders.

Adjustable beds allow the user to adjust their sleep position by raising their head, feet, or both.

Although limited sleep studies are available that include the use of adjustable beds, some evidence suggests that sleeping with an elevated head may help with certain health conditions, such as acid reflux or sleep apnea.

A person should consider cost, materials, reviews, and warranties when choosing an adjustable bed.