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Full XL mattresses are longer than standard full sizes, making them a good option for taller people. Read on to find the best U.S.-made full XL mattresses available to buy online.

A full XL mattress is the same width as a full mattress, but it is 5 inches (in) longer. The dimensions of a full XL mattress are 54 x 80 in.

Read our review of the best full mattresses here.

Taller adults, who may find the standard full mattress too short, might find an XL version more comfortable. However, people will need to purchase a new bed frame and bedding, as standard full-bed frames and bedding are unlikely to fit correctly.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Best eco-friendly: My Green Mattress Natural Escape

  • Price: $1,599
  • Type of mattress: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Height: 11 in
  • Sleep trial: 365 nights
  • Warranty: 20 years

Natural Escape contains GOLS-certified organic and OEKO-TEX-certified 100% natural Dunlop latex, which offers medium-firm support. It also has a GOTS-certified organic cotton quilted cover with a GOTS-certified wool lining, which helps regulate body temperature.

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The company states that the supportive latex provides good support for people of all sleeping styles.

My Green Mattress makes the Natural Escape in the United States. It features up to 1,440 pocketed coil springs in a zoned system that provides support for the lower back and may help align the spine.

In fact, the center third of the mattress has heavier gauge wires and coils closer together to provide additional lumbar support where a person rests most of their weight during sleep. Additionally, the company claims it provides superior edge support, allowing people to sleep as close to the edge as they like without feeling they will roll off.

The mattress may offer greater motion isolation, leading to more restful sleep if a person shares their bed. Each coil moves independently of the others, diffusing movement.

Another bonus is that the coils are recyclable. Customers in some states, such as California, can benefit from mattress recycling programs. Organizations such as the Mattress Recycling Council offer pick-up and drop-off locations for old mattresses.

Learn about eco-friendly mattress disposal methods here.


  • eco-friendly construction
  • GOTS- and GOLs-certified organic materials
  • reportedly has a springy and supportive feel
  • may help those who sleep hot


  • contains latex, making it unsuitable for people with a latex allergy
  • comprises wool, making it unsuitable for vegans
  • heavy to lift and rotate, according to some customers
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Best for side sleepers: Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite

  • Price: $2,399
  • Type of mattress: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium
  • Height: 14 in
  • Sleep trial: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

Brooklyn Bedding claims that this U.S.-made, medium-feel mattress has an ultra-plush top layer that may resemble beds at a resort holiday. People who prefer a plusher feel, such as side sleepers, may feel more refreshed after sleep.

Learn more about the best mattresses for side sleepers here.

Additional support for side sleepers includes hip and shoulder contouring, which can help prevent aches and pains, while the coils prevent people from sinking too far into the mattress.

The company states that this bed may help people sleep cooler, as it designed the mattress specifically for those who sleep hot. A GlacioTex cooling cover, copper-infused foam, and more than 7,000 coils provide cool-to-the-touch technology and lasting airflow.

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The two layers of coils have a separating layer of transition foam. The first layer contains 6,000 springy and silent micro-coils, helping relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders while offering motion isolation. The second layer contains up to 1,034 individually wrapped coils in three zoned areas for reportedly superior lumbar support.

More benefits of this mattress include CertiPUR-US-certified antimicrobial foam and hypoallergenic materials. In addition, the Sedona Elite may be a good option for couples, as it can support up to 950 pounds of weight.

Learn more about mattresses best for couples here.


  • hypoallergenic
  • CertiPUR-US certification
  • cooling and antimicrobial technology
  • plush top layers may be a good option for side sleepers


  • more expensive than many other options
  • might be heavy and difficult to move after unboxing
  • medium firmness may be too soft for people who sleep on their backs
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Best for all sleeping positions: Dreamfoam Essential

  • Price: $449–749
  • Type of mattress: memory foam
  • Firmness: soft-medium, medium, medium-firm, and firm
  • Height: 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 in
  • Sleep trial: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding states it offers higher quality mattresses for a lower price. This U.S.-made mattress is available in five different heights and three firmness options, which may suit most sleeping positions:

  • The 6- and 8-in mattresses have a firm and medium-firm feel and are suitable for back and stomach sleepers.
  • The 10-in mattress has a medium-firm feel and is suitable for combination sleepers.
  • The 12- and 14-in mattresses have a soft-medium and medium feel and are suitable for side sleepers.

Read our reviews of the best mattresses for back sleepers here.

Depending on the mattress, people can benefit from dual- or triple-layer construction. Each model contains CertiPUR-US-certified memory foam, including an upper layer of swirl memory foam that delivers support and cooling comfort and a high density foundation that provides a durable core.

Learn about the differences between memory foam and latex mattresses here.

The taller mattresses have a transition layer that provides extra comfort and softness, and it diffuses the firmer feel of the foundation layer.

The swirl memory foam layer is gel-infused. This, alongside the open-cell memory foam in the rest of the layers, may offer a cooler sleep for a more affordable price. In addition, the top panel has stain-resistant fabric, which can help eliminate messes from spills.


  • bed-in-a-box design offers easy setup
  • affordable price
  • good for all sleeping styles


  • does not offer as much breathability as other products
  • memory foam may be too dense and sleep too hot
  • may not be as responsive as hybrid models
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Best affordable cooling: Dreamfoam Hybrid

  • Price: $799
  • Type of mattress: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium
  • Height: 10.25 in
  • Sleep trial: 120 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding states that this mattress offers advanced cooling technology that is usually only available in luxury mattresses.

This U.S.-made mattress features an advanced cooling panel and a 2.5-in gel memory foam layer to provide extra cooling comfort. The 0.75-in plush quilted topper, while not cool to the touch, reportedly provides breathable comfort.

The CertiPUR-US-certified foams in this mattress provide joint pressure relief, especially for the hips and shoulders. The high density foam helps support the individually-wrapped coils to provide motion isolation and more adaptable support.

This mattress is only available in a medium firmness. While the company states this is a universal comfort feel, people who sleep on their backs and fronts may prefer a firmer mattress.

Read more about the best mattresses for stomach sleepers here.


  • a more affordable cooling mattress
  • medium feel may suit many side and combination sleepers
  • offers a plush and breathable upper layer for more comfort


  • only available in one firmness, which may be too soft for back and front sleepers
  • does not offer enough edge support, according to some customers
  • may not offer enough support for people with higher body weights, according to some customers
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The following table compares the full XL mattresses in this article on price, firmness, warranty, and more.

PriceType of mattressFirmnessHeightSleep trialWarranty
My Green Mattress$1,599hybridmedium-firm11 in365 nights20 years
Brooklyn Bedding$2,399hybridmedium14 in120 nights10 years
Dreamfoam Essential$449–749memory foam soft-medium, medium, medium-firm, and firm6–14 in120 nights10 years
Dreamfoam Hybrid$799hybridmedium10.25 in120 nights10 years

Medical News Today chooses mattresses using the following criteria where possible:

  • Price: MNT chooses mattresses that are suitable for a range of budget, from those who are looking for a more affordable option to those who would prefer a luxury bed.
  • Cooling: MNT chooses mattresses that will reportedly not sleep hot.
  • Materials: MNT chooses a range of mattresses, such as memory foam, hybrid, and latex, to suit most people’s preferences.
  • Firmness and sleeping style: MNT chooses mattresses with a range of firmness options to suit a person’s sleeping style.
  • Warranty and sleep trial: MNT chooses companies that offer a competitive warranty and sleep trial.
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Full XL mattresses are not a standard mattress size. People may have fewer options to consider than if they were to purchase full-, queen-, or king-size beds.

Alongside the standard considerations, such as price, type of mattress, and firmness, people may wish to consider sleep trials, warranties, frames, and bedding.

Sleep trials and warranty

Because there may be fewer choices, it is important that a person only purchases from a company that offers a competitive sleep trial and warranty policy.

People may wish to look for companies that offer at least a 120-night trial, as this gives them enough time to consider whether the mattress suits their needs. A warranty of 10 or more years tends to indicate a mattress is more durable and less likely to sink or lose its support.

Frame and bedding

Full XL mattresses will not be suitable for standard full-size frames and bedding. As full XL mattresses are 5 in longer than full mattresses, any existing bedding a person has will not fit, and a bed frame will not comfortably hold the mattress.

When buying a full XL mattress, people may want to consider the extra cost of purchasing bedding and a bed frame. While many companies selling these mattresses will also sell accessories, they are likely more expensive, as they are different sizes.

Here we answer some common questions about these mattresses.

What brands make a full XL mattress?

This article considers products from My Green Mattress, Brooklyn Bedding, and Dreamfoam by Brooklyn Bedding. All of these are reputable companies that provide a range of full XL mattresses at different price points that may suit many people’s needs.

While other companies may offer this mattress size, it is important to read customer reviews to ensure there are no concerns about customer service, product quality, and delivery.

Is a full XL mattress the same as a full?

No, a full XL mattress is 5 in longer than a standard full mattress.

A full mattress measures 53 x 75 in, whereas a full XL mattress measures 53 x 80 in.

Will a full XL mattress fit on a full bed frame?

No, a full XL mattress will not fit on a full bed frame. A person will need to purchase a bed frame suitable for the mattress’s dimensions.

Full XL mattresses are a good option for a taller sleeper who does not need any extra width room while sleeping. Fewer companies offer these products because these mattresses differ from a standard size.

However, people can choose between different firmnesses, heights, and mattress types to purchase one that fits their sleep needs.