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The best gym shoes have features specific to certain sports. Running shoes are typically more cushioned to reduce the impact on the joints, while weightlifting shoes aim to hold the knee in the correct position when a person squats.

This article will talk about why different workouts may require different gym shoes and then list some of the gym shoes a person may wish to consider trying.

Comfort, safety, and proper fit are important factors to consider when choosing a gym shoe.

In general, people should look for shoes that the manufacturers have designed for the activity they want to do.

A safe gym shoe has a flat, nonskid sole, with heel support and enough space for the toes to move around. It should also provide cushioning for the arch of the foot.

People with flat feet should research gym shoes particularly carefully as regular fit ones may not provide enough arch support.

Learn more about running shoes for flat feet here.

Gym shoes will deteriorate over time, and people should check them regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Signs that a shoe needs replacing include:

  • having tired aching feet after physical activity
  • a worn-out tread
  • pain in the shins, knees, or hips after activity

Depending on a person’s workout, they may need different gym shoes for different activities. For example, some gym shoes will be more suitable for running, whereas others are designed for weightlifting. Some will be good for a range of activities, including high intensity interval training and group fitness classes.


In the past century, running shoe manufacturers have dramatically altered the look and feel of running shoes by trialing new designs and materials.

Running shoes now have technical and engineering elements that provide different characteristics important for running, such as:

  • support
  • cushioning
  • a barefoot feel

Despite these advances, researchers note that running injury levels have remained unchanged for 40 years. However, they state that this may be due to changes to the running population and the definition of a running injury.


Weightlifting shoes help a person improve their squatting technique by keeping the knee flexed and in the correct position.

A 2017 study demonstrated that experienced weightlifters might benefit more from a weightlifting shoe than inexperienced weightlifters.

Although weightlifting shoes have features that running shoes lack, studies cannot confirm their benefits for all people who lift weights.

Please note that no one at Medical News today, including the writer, has tried these gym shoes. All information is research-based.

Under Armour are a fitness shoe and apparel company that make different shoes for a wide range of sports, including baseball, football, and golf. They also make military and tactical training shoes.

Under Armour Project Rock 3 Training Shoes

These shoes use the company’s HOVR technology to provide a feeling of zero gravity. According to Under Armour, this patented technology helps people maintain energy return, which reduces the impact on the joints.

However, these weightlifting shoes still provide stability to assist people who lift weights. They are also are both comfortable and durable.

Under Armour Project Rock 3 Training Shoes are available for purchase online.

Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoes

The Charged Assert 8 running shoes from Under Armour feature a Charged Cushioning midsole that reduces impact and is responsive while a person is running.

The solid rubber sole spreads over several high impact zones, ensuring that the shoes have good durability no matter the type of surface on which a person is running.

Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoes are available for purchase online.

Reebok are an established sports brand that sell a range of fitness apparel and sports equipment, from leggings and trainers to treadmills and free weights.

Reebok Nano X Shoes

The Reebok Nano X shoe is a cross-training shoe. Reebok state that some of the features of the shoe include:

  • Flexweave material that makes the shoe breathable, stable, and durable
  • low profile stability that secures footing
  • enhanced comfort, with a new collar construction that holds the ankle in place

Reebok Nano X Shoes are available for purchase online.

Lavante Terrain Running Shoes

Reebok specifically designed these shoes for outdoor running, though a person can also use them in the gym if they wish. The textured rubber sole maintains grip even when a person is running through mud and on other challenging terrains.

Features of the shoe include:

  • FuelFoam in the midsole to provide a cushioning response
  • textured rubber sole for increased grip
  • soft and breathable material

Reebok Lavante Terrain Running Shoes are available for purchase online.

Nike manufacture fitness shoes and apparel. They are a well-established sports brand, and their fitness products are available globally.

Nike Free X Metcon 2

The Nike Free X Metcon 2 shoe supports a broad range of activities. With a durable strap, the shoe provides stability while a person works out. The shoe is lightweight, flexible, and breathable, and it provides a snug, sock-like fit.

According to Nike, the Nike Free X Metcon 2 is a training shoe that is ideal for boot camps and strength training.

Nike Free X Metcon 2 shoes are available for purchase online.

Athletic shoe manufacturers offer different types of shoes to support people doing specific training. Whether a person runs, lifts weights, or takes part in group classes, they can find a specialized gym shoe to suit their needs.

The best gym shoe for a person is a shoe that provides comfort and safety. The choice of shoe may differ depending on the person’s preferences and their chosen activity.