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A hybrid mattress is a mattress that layers foam, or another material, with one or more layers of coils called innersprings.

A hybrid mattress may contain multiple layers of material, which can add comfort, breathability, and back support. Some hybrid mattresses use layers of natural materials, such as latex, cotton, and wool.

In this article, we look at the benefits of a hybrid mattress and list some of the best options on the market. Please note that the statements below are research-based. No one at Medical News Today, including the writer, has tried these products.

Memory foam mattresses can retain heat, making them too warm for some people to sleep on.

Innerspring mattresses contain coils, which may make them feel bouncy or uncomfortable if people can feel the coils through the mattress covering.

A hybrid aims to combine the best of both of these types of mattresses and eliminate their individual issues. Layers of cushioning may help counter the bouncy or uncomfortable feeling of coils, while the innerspring layer allows airflow, making it a cooler option.

According to companies that manufacture hybrid mattresses, these products may offer the following benefits:

  • the innerspring layer allows air to move freely, keeping people cooler when they sleep
  • layers of foam, or other materials, can help relieve pressure
  • people can choose from a range of firmness levels
  • the layers of material around the spring coils reduce motion transfer when people climb into or out of bed

Getting enough good quality sleep is important to overall health. Researchers have found that sleep can aid metabolism, to name just one benefit.

Research on mattresses has also shown that newer mattresses lead to better sleep quality than mattresses that are 5 or more years old.

One of the top hybrid mattresses

The Brooklyn Signature hybrid mattress combines individually encased coils with foam temperature control layers.

Features of the Brooklyn Signature include:

  • a quilted top layer for comfort and cooling effect
  • a foam layer infused with temperature control gel
  • a second foam layer to provide compression support and body contouring
  • a layer of up to 961 coils to help prevent motion transfer
  • a base foam layer to add durability and support

Review sites have given positive reviews of the Brooklyn Signature, stating that it is suitable for all sleeping positions and body types.

People can choose either soft, medium, or firm, depending on their preference and sleeping style. The Brooklyn Signature is available for a 120-night trial.

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is available for purchase online here.

The Layla Hybrid combines coils with memory foam and has both a firm and a soft side, which people can flip between.

Other features include:

  • copper infused foam to carry heat away from the body
  • the combination of copper, memory foam, and coils supports compression areas and reduces motion transfer
  • suitable for all sleep positions
  • allows airflow for a cooler sleep

People can trial the Layla Hybrid mattress for 120 nights.

Layla Hybrid mattresses are available for purchase online.

DreamCloud is a medium-firm mattress with memory foam and coils. Features include:

  • a quilted foam and cashmere top covering
  • supports all sleep positions
  • memory foam to contour to the body
  • a layer of individually wrapped coils that respond to the body, reducing motion and allowing airflow

Positive customer reviews state that the mattress is of high quality and has helped improve sleep. DreamCloud offer a 365-night trial.

The Dreamcloud mattress is available for purchase online.

According to the product website and reviews, the WinkBed hybrid may best suit people who sleep on their back or front. Its features include:

  • a natural fabric cover to carry away heat
  • a gel infused foam layer to take heat away
  • individually wrapped coils to manage pressure points
  • edge support to prevent sagging and increase the sleeping area

The WinkBed may also be a good option for people with back pain. Many positive customer reviews on the product website have praised the mattress for relieving or eliminating back pain.

People can trial the WinkBed hybrid mattress for 120 nights.

The WinkBed mattress is available for purchase online.

According to the product website, the Helix Midnight hybrid is a medium-firm mattress that is ideal for side sleepers or those who move a lot in their sleep. Its features include:

  • a memory foam layer to cushion pressure points
  • a breathable cover to help keep people cooler
  • edge support to prevent sagging
  • coils that help reduce motion transfer
  • certified free from harmful chemicals

Positive reviews from customers state that the mattress helped relieve or eliminate back pain and aches, as well as providing great sleep quality.

People can trial the Helix Midnight hybrid for 100 nights but must give it at least 30 nights before initiating a return.

The Helix Midnight hybrid mattress is available for purchase online.

According to the product website, the Tuft & Needle Hybrid responds to individual pressure points and has a bouncy feel without motion transfer.

Its features include:

  • graphite and gel beads to draw heat away from the body
  • breathable foam layers that draw away moisture and allow airflow
  • carbon-fiber infused foam, which adds durability
  • designed to last for 10 years

During 2020, for every purchase of the hybrid mattress, Tuft & Needle will donate a set of twin sheets to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an organization providing beds and bedding for children in need.

People can trial the Tuft & Needle Hybrid for 100 nights.

The Tuft & Needle Hybrid mattress is available for purchase online.

The Saatva HD is a hybrid mattress designed for people who weigh between 300 and 500 pounds. It is a medium-firm mattress suitable for all sleep positions.

The features include:

  • breathable layers of organic cotton and latex that allow airflow for cooler sleep
  • a coil base to provide back support
  • coils that are 25% stronger than standard ones, helping prevent any sagging
  • memory foam that contours the body to provide pressure relief for joints
  • foam support to make the edges firmer

People can trial the Saatva HD for 180 nights.

The Saatva HD hybrid mattress is available for purchase online.

The Avocado Green hybrid mattress is made with natural and organic materials, making it a good option for people wanting an eco-friendly, nontoxic mattress.

According to the product website, the Avocado Green mattress has the following qualities:

  • meets federal fire safety requirements despite not using chemical flame retardants
  • organic latex foam for temperature control and durability
  • ethically sourced organic wool to wick moisture away
  • organic cotton to wick moisture away and keep the person cool
  • ideal for back and stomach sleepers

Avocado also offer a vegan mattress without wool. People can trial the Avocado Green mattress for 1 year.

Avocado Green mattresses are available for purchase online here.

Although a hybrid mattress can provide many benefits, people who are looking for a simpler or cheaper option may prefer to try a foam or innerspring mattress.

A foam mattress comprises layers of foam, such as memory or latex foam. It can contour the body, which people may find helpful for aches and pains. Foam mattresses can trap heat, although some may come with an inner cooling system.

Innerspring mattresses contain coils, which can give the bed a bouncy feel. A foam or natural fiber layer adds comfort and cushioning. The layer of coils in innerspring mattresses can allow airflow, which may lead to a cooler sleep.

Some people may find that a hybrid mattress combines the best elements of foam and innerspring mattresses. Hybrid mattresses use innerspring coils with multiple foam or fiber layers to add qualities such as back support, airflow, moisture control, and durability.

A person’s budget, preferences, and sleep position will determine the most suitable mattress for them. Most companies offer a trial period, allowing people to decide whether the mattress suits them before committing to the purchase.