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Lumbar support pillows support the lower part of a person’s back during sleep. This might help with recurring back pain and help a person sleep better.

The lumbar region is the lower area of a person’s back.

When a person is lying down in bed, they may have a gap between their lower back and the mattress. This can lead to trouble sleeping and may cause discomfort and pain on waking up.

A 2015 study showed that around 80% of people suffer from low back pain.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), around 7–19% of adults in the United States are not getting enough sleep. The NHLBI also state that this can result in a range of health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, and other serious issues.

Many people may benefit from lumbar support pillows to help reduce back pain and improve sleep quality.

This article looks at four lumbar pillows that may help people find relief.

A lumbar support pillow is a pillow that sits between a person’s lower back and the bed. It offers additional support to the lower back while the person is in bed.

If left unsupported, the flexed curvature of the spine can cause low back pain.

A person can also use a lumbar support cushion to support their lower back when they are seated. These cushions have a different design but work in a similar way.

This article looks at lumbar support pillows for use while lying in bed.

When a person is sleeping, their muscles slow down, and gravity becomes the major influence on the body, particularly on the spine.

While a person is resting in bed, the force of gravity may deform the soft tissue of their back, leading to back pain and other issues.

An older survey revealed that 95% of orthopedic surgeons believed that mattresses played a part in managing low-back pain. A further 76% of these surgeons thought that a firm mattress was beneficial to lower back health.

In addition to using a firm mattress, a person may wish to use a lumbar support pillow.

One study showed that lumbar support distributed pressure over a wider body area when people were sleeping. This may help limit back pain and other back problems that can arise from a lack of lumbar support.

As well as reducing low back pain, lumbar support pillows may help a person get a better, more comfortable night’s sleep as they lie in bed.

Before purchasing a lumbar support pillow, consider the following factors:

  • durability
  • comfort
  • type of support
  • eco-friendly certification
  • sustainability
  • price

There is a wide variety of lumbar support pillows available to buy. Below are four options that people may wish to try.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All product information is purely research-based.

The OPTP Original McKenzie Night Roll

According to the manufacturer, this pillow supports the spine and helps a person maintain a good posture when they are sleeping.

The product ties around the waist and has tapered ends to help a person move freely while wearing it.

It also has a removable cotton-polyester cover that is easily washable.

The OPTP Original McKenzie night roll is available in three different sizes.

The OPTP Original McKenzie Night Roll is available for purchase online.

Gentle Living Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping Back Pain

The manufacturers say this pillow supports a person’s back while they sleep in any position.

They also state that it is made with eco-friendly materials and uses memory foam to adapt to the curve in a person’s spine.

This product also has heat-dissipating cooling gel, which the manufacturer’s state helps regulate a person’s sleeping temperature.

The Gentle Living Lumbar Support Pillow for Sleeping Back Pain is available for purchase online.

TruContour Super Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping Back Pain

According to the manufacturer, this pillow offers support to people who sleep on their backs or sides. It can also sit under the stomach for front sleepers who use softer mattresses.

TruContour also state that this pillow is hypoallergenic and features medical-grade memory foam. They say the product is super soft and machine washable.

This pillow is available to purchase in two different sizes, depending on a person’s specific requirements.

The TruContour Super Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping Back Pain is available for purchase online.

Slumbar Sprout Pregnancy Pillow

According to the manufacturer, this product offers support to pregnant people while they are in bed.

However, this pillow is not just for pregnant people. Slumbar claim that anyone can use the pillow to get adequate lumbar support while sleeping.

This product features organic bamboo charcoal memory foam. The manufacturers say this offers temperature regulation and absorbs moisture while a person is in bed.

The Slumbar Sprout Pregnancy Pillow is available for purchase online.

Alternatives that a person can use to support their back in bed instead of a lumbar support pillow include:

  • a foam pool noodle
  • rolled up household towels
  • small throw pillows

A person may also choose to use one of the following methods to treat their low back pain:

If a person has severe pain in their lower back that does not get better over time, they should see a doctor.

A person should also see a doctor if they have low back pain alongside any of the following issues:

Getting good lumbar support in bed can help ease low back pain. There is a variety of good quality lumbar support pillows for sleeping available.

A person can use a lumbar pillow to support their lower back while they are lying in bed. It may help reduce a person’s low back pain or improve sleep quality.

However, if a person experiences more severe low back pain or experiences low back pain alongside other symptoms listed above, they should contact a doctor.