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Pressure points are areas of a person’s body that come into direct contact with a mattress. The shoulders, back, buttocks, and hips are common pressure points.

For restful sleep without aches and pains the next day, a person should shop for a mattress that provides pressure point relief.

Here are some of the top mattresses designed to support pressure points.

Note: all prices are for queen-sized mattresses, unless otherwise stated.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Best memory foam: Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress isolated over red background
  • List price: $1,099
  • Type: memory foam
  • Features: The mattress has a quilted cover that is cool.
  • Sleep trial: 365-night

Nectar is a newer brand in the mattress industry that offers online shopping for mattresses.

According to the company website, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress offers five layers of foam to support and comfort users.

The company also claims that 9 out of 10 people who usually wake up with stiffness, pain, or aches found relief when using this mattress.

Nectar states this mattress can benefit individuals with back pain and provides pressure relief to the shoulders, hips, and legs for nearly every body type. However, there are no studies to prove this.

The gel-infused memory foam sits on a dynamic response layer, offering pressure-relieving support. It also limits motion transfer, making this mattress appealing to couples, especially if one partner tosses and turns.

This mattress may have cooling properties that can benefit hot sleepers. The foam has CertiPUR-US certification, which is free from harmful chemicals.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is available for purchase online.


  • The mattress helps reduce back pain, according to reviews.
  • The foam layer is CertiPUR-US certified, indicating that it does not contain harmful chemicals.


  • The mattress can cause the body to overheat.
  • It can be too soft for some causing the body to sink in.
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Best eco-conscious: Casper Original Mattress

Casper Original Mattress isolated over red background
  • List price: $1,295
  • Type: foam or hybrid
  • Features: zoned support to promote spinal alignment.
  • Sleep trial: 100-night

Casper is an online mattress retailer offering three options, including its Original Mattress.

According to the company website, the Original Mattress has three support zones and provides the most support around a person’s midsection. This may be beneficial for persons with back pain and are looking for a mattress that provides spinal support.

This mattress contains three layers of CertiPUR-US-certified foam and uses recycled materials in its construction.

Casper states this mattress improves spinal alignment and offers more support under the hips and waist.

The mattress comes with:

  • free shipping
  • a removal option for old mattresses
  • a 10-year warranty

The Casper Original Mattress is available for purchase online.


  • The mattress contains recycled materials, so it may be a good purchase for those looking for an eco-friendly option.
  • The foam has no harmful chemicals.
  • Some reviewers say they slept cooler when using this mattress.


  • Some reviewers say that the mattress is lightweight and does not stay in its place on the adjustable base.
  • The product can be firm for some, which can worsen back pain.
  • The customer care team is not responsive and may take long to reply to complaints.
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Best hybrid: Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress

Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress isolated over red background
  • List price: $1,995
  • Type: hybrid
  • Features: contains heat-adapting graphite for a cooler sleep.
  • Sleep trial: 100-night

Tuft & Needle offers foam and hybrid mattresses. Its Hybrid Mattress provides support and comfort for several sleeping positions. It has adaptive foam that contours to the body that does not add extra pressure to the shoulders, back, and hips.

The mattress has CertiPUR-US and UL GREENGUARD certifications, which contain little or no harmful chemicals.

The company says this mattress has cooling properties and comes with:

  • free shipping
  • a 100-night trial period
  • a 10-year warranty

The Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress is available for purchase online.


  • The mattress has motion isolation properties. This means that tossing and turning should not disturb the other partner, making this feature suitable for couples.
  • It is compatible with any sleeping position.
  • It has a breathable design, making it appealing for hot sleepers.


  • The product may worsen back pain, according to reviews.
  • The customer care representatives do not respond to queries.
  • Customers say that the mattress is lumpy and may be too firm for side sleepers.
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Best for multiple sleeping positions: Cocoon Chill Mattress by Sealy

Cocoon Chill Mattress by Sealy isolated over red background
  • List price: $1,079
  • Type: foam or hybrid
  • Features: suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Sleep trial: company does not state whether it offers a sleep trial

For decades, Sealy has sold traditional spring mattresses. Cocoon is the company’s sub-brand, which operates similarly to online mattress retailers Casper and Nectar.

The Cocoon line consists of two styles: all-foam and hybrid, which combine foam and springs.

Both variants provide support and comfort for most people, no matter their sleeping position.

The mattress has individually encased coils that move with every movement and do not harm pressure points. They also reduce motion transfer, making the product suitable for couples.

The foam is CertiPUR-US certified. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and free delivery.

The Cocoon Chill Mattress by Sealy is available for purchase online.


  • The mattress may be a good purchase for couples, as it limits motion transfer.
  • It provides a cooler sleep.
  • It comes with edge support so people do not sink in when lying near the edges.


  • Some reviewers note this mattress is harder than they expected.
  • The product may break now and not remain supportive after a few months.
  • It may cause pain in those who sleep on their side.
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Best hypoallergenic: The Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress isolated over red background
  • List price: $1,399
  • Type: foam
  • Features: gel grid technology that supports pressure points.
  • Sleep trial: 100-night

The Purple Mattress is a foam model offering a gel grid top layer for added comfort. Similar to Casper and Nectar, Purple offers online shopping and free shipping.

The extra comfort layer can also provide additional comfort to sleepers.

Purple claims that the mattress adapts to the individual’s movement and relieves pressure as it cradles the body.

It also says that this mattress is hypoallergenic and has cooling properties.

The mattress comes with:

  • a 100-night sleep trial
  • a 10-year warranty
  • free returns and shipping

The Purple Mattress is available for purchase online.


  • Some reviewers say this mattress reduced their back and hip pain.
  • The product comes with a Gelflex grid that has a breathable design and keeps the body cool during sleep.


  • Some reviewers claim the mattress is thin and caused back pain.
  • The product may break down after a few years and become unsupportive near the edges.
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Best for an active lifestyle: Zoma Mattress

Zoma Mattress isolated against a red background.
  • List price: $1,149
  • Type: all-foam or hybrid
  • Features: Reactiv technology, which may help promote spinal alignment.
  • Sleep trial: 100-night

The Zoma Mattress is available as an all-foam or a hybrid mattress. The mattress contains a Reactiv layer that contours the body and offers focused support that the company claims provides stable and durable cushioning.

The foam in this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. According to the company, this mattress is suitable for individuals with an active lifestyle who require extra support.

The mattress comes with:

  • free shipping and returns
  • a 100-night free trial
  • a 10-year warranty

The Zoma Mattress is available for purchase online.


  • Some reviewers state this mattress offers firm support that can reduce back pain.
  • The mattress comes with edge support. This provides a larger sleeping surface and prevents the body from sinking in when sitting or lying near the edges.


  • Some reviewers say the mattress is too firm or too soft and may cause back pain.
  • The product may not suit those who toss, turn, or switch positions, as the pain may worsen.
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Best vegan mattress: Avocado Vegan Mattress

Avocado Vegan Mattress isolated against a red background.
  • List price: $1,999
  • Type: The Avocado Vegan Mattress is a hybrid.
  • Features: This mattress has certification from PETA and is suitable for vegans.
  • Sleep trial: The mattress comes with a 1-year sleep trial.

Avocado says this product only contains organic materials, is vegan, and has PETA certification. The company also states that it needle-tufts the mattress by hand.

People can choose between a medium-firm and a gentle-firm mattress. The company recommends the medium-firm mattress for side sleepers and the gentle-firm mattress for all sleeping positions.

This mattress has Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certifications and comes with:

  • free shipping and returns
  • a 1-year sleep trial
  • a 25-year warranty

The Avocado Vegan Mattress is available for purchase online.


  • Some reviewers state this mattress offers support for side sleepers.
  • This product benefits any sleeping position.
  • The company offers medium-firm and gentle-firm options.


  • Some customers say this mattress is too firm to be comfortable.
  • It may cause people to sleep hot.
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Best for edge support: Saatva Classic Mattress

Saatva classic mattress
  • List price: $1,995
  • Type: hybrid.
  • Features: This mattress has CertiPUR-US certified foams and eco-friendly materials.
  • Sleep trial: The mattress comes with a 1-year sleep trial.

Saatva’s mattress has many features, including a Plush Euro pillow, LumbarZone technology, and a responsive design.

It has individually wrapped coils that respond to every movement and contour to the body’s shapes so that it provides pressure point relief.

These also help limit motion transfer, which couples can consider when looking for a mattress.

The product also features anti-sag edge support, so that individuals do not sink it when lying near the edges.

Saatva offers:

  • ee in-room delivery and setup
  • a 365-night home trial
  • lifetime warranty

The Saatva Classic Mattress is available for purchase online.


  • The mattress may benefit couples as it comes with motion isolation features.
  • It contains eco-friendly materials, so customers may consider this if they are looking for an eco-friendly option.
  • For most sizes, a person can choose between the 11.5 and 14.5-inch (in) height.


  • The thickest option is 14.5 in. This may not suit older adults, as they may have difficulty getting in or out of bed.
  • The mattress comes with three firmness options. However, according to reviews, the plush soft one still feel firm for some.
  • It may need replacing after a few years, as customers say it has started causing back pain.
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Best for side sleepers: Leesa Legend Mattress

Leesa Legend mattress
  • List price: $2,599
  • Type: The Leesa Legend Mattress is a hybrid.
  • Features: The mattress uses CertiPUR-US certified foams and is compatible for side sleeping.
  • Sleep trial: The mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial.

This mattress comes with a breathable cover that is resistant to bacteria. It has three-zone support and a memory foam recovery layer that offer pressure-relieving micro-springs that suit side sleepers, especially if they have hip and shoulder pain.

The product also contains more than 756 pocket springs that limit motion transfer.

Saatva offers:

  • free delivery
  • a 100-night trial
  • a 10-year warranty

The Leesa Legend Mattress is available for purchase online.


  • The mattress contains eco-friendly materials, such as recycled water bottles.
  • It supports the hips and shoulders, making it compatible with side sleeping.
  • It comes with motion isolation properties. Customers say they do not notice when their partner gets out of bed.


  • Reviewers note that the mattress sides are uneven, and they could also feel the coils.
  • The product may be firmer than what a person expects.
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Best for hot sleepers: The Winkbed

The Winkbed
  • List price: $1,799
  • Type: hybrid
  • Features: This mattress has a hybrid design, motion isolation technology, and a back-relief system.
  • Sleep trial: The mattress comes with a 120-night trial.

The Winkbed Mattress features Extra-Edge support system and individually-wrapped coils.

The company recommends this product for persons with back, hip, or shoulder pain. It offers pressure-relieving support and does not cause any sagging.

The mattress also has a eucalyptus-derived Tencel cover. It has a breathable design and is cooler than linen, making it suitable for hot sleepers.

Customers can benefit from:

  • free shipping and returns
  • a 120-night sleep trial
  • lifetime warranty

The Winkbed Mattress is available for purchase online.


  • The mattress cover is breathable, which suits those who sleep hot.
  • It has edge support, so individuals have a larger sleep area and do not sink in.


  • Reviewers note that it is very firm, and it would have been better if there were more firmness selections to choose from.
  • It does not help if someone has undergone back surgery.
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The following table compares the mattresses in this article.

FirmnessSleep trialWarrantyPrice (Queen)
Nectarmedium-firm365 days10 years$1,099
Caspermedium-firm100 nights10 years$1,295
Tuft & Needlemedium-firm100 nights10 years$1,995
Cocoon by Sealymedium-firmno information available10 years$1,079
Purplemedium-firm100 nights10 years$1,399
Zomamedium-firm100 nights10 years$1,149
Avocado• medium-firm
• gentle-firm
one year25 years$1,995
Saatvaplush soft, luxury firm, and firm365 dayslifetime$1,999
Leesamedium-plush100 nights10 years$2,599
The Winkbedmedium-firm120 nightslifetime$1,799

Here are some factors an individual may wish to consider before purchasing a mattress for pressure point relief.

Body weight

A person’s body weight can play a role in the location of their pressure points.

For example, a person with a smaller frame may find memory foam mattresses too firm. In contrast, an individual with a higher body mass index may find memory foam mattresses comfortable.

The distribution of a person’s weight on their body can also make a difference. For instance, someone with a higher mass around their midsection may find a mattress with extra middle support most suitable.

Sleeping position

People typically sleep in one of three positions: on their back, side, or stomach. However, many switch positions frequently as they sleep.

A person should look for a mattress that supports their main sleeping position. However, there is limited scientific evidence on what mattress types work best for each sleeping position.

Other considerations

In addition to easing pressure points and preventing aches and pains, a person may want to consider other factors when selecting a mattress.

Common features to explore include:

  • Warranty: Generally, longer warranties indicate mattresses may last longer.
  • Trial period: Many online and traditional mattress sellers provide a set amount of time for a person to try the mattress and return it for a full refund if they are not satisfied.
  • Materials: There are many materials to choose from, including traditional springs, foam, gel, latex, and hybrid. Each provides comfort and support in different ways.
  • Allergies: Hypoallergenic mattresses may benefit individuals living with allergies.
  • Certifications: Many mattresses come with certifications from third-party associations. These organizations verify particular aspects of mattress materials or production, such as whether the mattress is vegan or free from harmful chemicals.
  • User reviews: What others say about their experience with a mattress can influence a person’s purchase decision.

MNT selects products that meet the following criteria, where possible:

  • Certifications: Products have CertiPUR-US or other certifications. This means they are low in pollutants and free from heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.
  • Size: Products come in various sizes.
  • Materials and fills: Products use different materials and fills, such as memory foam and latex, to suit a range of sleep styles and lifestyles.
  • Budget: Products suit various budgets.
  • Sleep trials: Companies offer a sleep trial.
  • Shipping: MNT will include shipping information, such as cost and delivery area.
  • Warranties and returns policies: Products carry warranties and clear returns policies.

Pressure points refer to any part of the body that feels pressure when a person is lying down. A quality mattress provides support to help distribute a person’s weight evenly, reducing pressure on these points.

According to a small 2017 study, the shoulders, parts of the back, and buttocks are the most common pressure points during sleep.

Mattresses may have added zonal support to target pressure points. If a mattress does not effectively ease pressure points, a person may experience aches and pain and can also develop pressure sores.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that insufficient and poor quality sleep can negatively affect health.

Potential complications of reduced sleep quality or not getting enough sleep may include not feeling rested upon waking up and having an increased risk of:

Here, we look at some advantages and disadvantages of pressure-relieving mattresses.


  • They may help improve pain and stiffness.
  • They reduce the likelihood of developing pressure sores.
  • There is a wide selection of materials to suit different people’s needs.


  • Some individuals may find it difficult to adjust to a new mattress.
  • Some mattress materials may not suit hot sleepers.
  • Pressure-relieving mattresses may not work for everyone. A person should always seek medical attention if their symptoms persist.
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Below, we answer some common questions about the best mattresses for pressure points.

When should I contact a doctor about pressure point pain?

A person experiencing pressure point pain can try home methods to ease their discomfort. This includes:

If these measures do not work, a person may wish to consult a doctor about their pain.

Individuals should also consider speaking with a healthcare professional if they experience other symptoms during sleep or after they wake up. A doctor can help determine whether the symptoms are due to an underlying condition.

What are pressure points on a mattress?

Pressure points on a mattress refer to the areas that support the buttocks, hips, back, and shoulders. This type of zonal support aims to relieve pain that some people may experience in these places.

What is a ripple bed?

A ripple bed usually benefits individuals who need to stay in bed for long periods.

A ripple bed can either integrate into a hospital bed or attach to one to distribute air pressure through different internal compartments. The alternating pressure mimics how a person moves in bed, helping reduce the risk of bedsores.

How do you relieve pressure points while sleeping?

A person may consider adjusting their sleeping position to relieve pressure points.

For example, they may place a pillow under their knees if they sleep on their side, which may help align their hips. They may also sleep while keeping their hands wrapped around their pillow to relieve some pressure from their shoulder.

What is the best mattress for no pressure points?

People looking for a mattress that supports pressure point relief may choose one that uses individually-wrapped coils. These respond to every movement and adapt to the body’s shape.

Mattresses should also be compatible with the body weight. Those with a higher weight may opt for memory foam, which helps distribute weight evenly.

What mattress improves blood circulation?

Hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses may help improve circulation. They distribute weight evenly and come with pressure-relieving properties. They may also have supportive edges, preventing the body from sinking in.

What is a pressure release mattress?

A pressure relief mattress may suit persons with pressure ulcers or those at an increased chance of developing them.

These mattresses have air pockets that place less pressure on pressure points.

Mattresses that offer a combination of support and comfort are essential for alleviating pressure points during sleep.

There is no single mattress that is suitable for everyone. However, a person can start researching the right mattress by finding one that suits their particular sleeping position.

People should seek guidance from a doctor if they experience pressure point discomfort despite taking steps to resolve it or if they have persistent pain or other concerning symptoms.