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People often buy a mattress to improve sleep. However, people with an active sex life may also want to consider how well their mattress will perform while they are having sex.

In this article, we highlight the factors a person may want to take into account when shopping for a mattress that will best suit their sex life needs. We also list some of the best mattresses for sex.

When a person shops for a mattress, they may take a number of factors into account. There is a vast array of materials, styles, and price ranges on the market to choose from.

Mattresses that work well for sex have specific features a person may want to consider.

These include bounciness, noise reduction, firmness, and how easy it is to clean the mattress.


A mattress with good levels of bounce will support comfortable, rhythmic movement. A bouncy mattress will reshape quickly after a person compresses it, instead of absorbing the impact.

This may make it easier for people to move while they are trying a variety of sex positions.


A mattress that quickly responds to changes in position can make sex more comfortable.

Some foam mattresses might take longer to respond to changes in position, which may make movement or balancing during sex more difficult.

Noise control

If a person lives with roommates or family members or if they live in a building with thin walls or close neighbors, they may benefit from getting a mattress that does not make noise with movement.

Foam mattresses are generally quieter than mattresses that contain springs or coils.

Edge control

Edge control refers to how well a mattress holds up when a person compresses it at or near the edge.

Good edge control can help make sure a mattress supports sex positions that involve using the edge of the mattress. This can be important for both comfort and safety.

Mattresses with soft edges that compress under a person’s weight at the edge may not be suitable for certain sex positions.


A person’s mattress should be comfortable to use for sleep and sex.

It is advisable to consider a mattress that relieves pressure points for all kinds of sex and sleeping positions. Mattresses with this feature keep the back, hips, shoulders, knees, and elbows from hurting during sex or sleep.

Body weight

A person’s body weight may determine which type of mattress is suitable for them. A mattress should distribute pressure evenly across the body to prevent painful pressure points from developing.

Some general recommendations regarding different mattress types suiting different sleepers are as follows:

  • People weighing under 130 pounds (lb) may want to consider using a soft mattress.
  • People weighing 130–230 lb may benefit from using a medium mattress.
  • People with weight over 230 lb may wish to consider using a firm mattress.

Choosing the right firmness will help prevent the mattress from sagging or being too rigid. Sagging can cause the spine to be misaligned during sleep, and a surface that is too hard can put extra pressure on the hips and shoulders.

Easy cleaning

Bodily fluids and lubricants are likely to get onto the mattress during sex.

Using a mattress protector that will stop any fluids from getting onto the mattress itself can make it easier to keep the mattress clean. Laying down towels is another easy way of preventing any fluids from going onto the mattress.

A 2014 study concluded that tumble drying significantly decreased the number of bacteria that remained on hospital textiles compared with washing alone, even with relatively hot washing temperatures of 140–158oF (60–70oC).

It also stated that bacteria can survive on fabric for over a month, which suggests that it is important to wash and tumble dry bedding and keep a mattress clean after sex.

Temperature regulation

Keeping the body cool at night plays a role in getting a good sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation state that cooler temperatures can improve sleep quality.

The body temperature typically rises during sex, so it may help people stay cool during and after sex to have a mattress that dissipates this extra heat.

Mattresses consisting of foam layers may be quieter than those made with springs, but foam mattresses may not be suitable for people who feel hot during sleep.

However, a cooling foam mattress, such as one with gel-infused foam, can help draw heat away from the body.

Thicker mattresses may limit sex positions that require one or more people to stand up. A person should ensure the mattress is suitable for all users’ heights and weights.

Considering the factors above, here are four mattresses that may help people enjoy sex safely and comfortably.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

Saatva Classic Mattress

Saatva Classic Mattress is an innerspring mattress. This means it will give a good level of bounce and respond quickly to movement.

The mattress offers two layers of coil springs. The base layer consists of 416 steel support coils that make the mattress durable and resistant to sagging.

The third layer of the mattress comprises individually wrapped steel coils that Saatva say respond to movement and the contours of the body.

There is also built-in edge support from high density foam that prevents the edges of the mattress from sagging. This is important for sex positions that require using the edge of the bed.

There are three firmness options for this Saatva mattress: soft, medium firm, and firm. The two height options are 11.5 in and 14.5 in.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Mattress

According to the manufacturer, Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid mattress helps keep users cool. It features six layers: four layers of foam, a layer of individually wrapped coils, and a cooling fabric topper.

The 1.5-in layer of the company’s branded CopperFlex foam offers pressure point relief. This copper-infused foam has antimicrobial properties and helps draw away body heat.

According to the company, the CopperFlex foam also helps wick moisture away from the skin, and its open-cell structure encourages quick moisture release from the mattress.

This may help reduce a buildup of heat in the mattress, which could make sex and sleep uncomfortable.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla Memory Foam Mattress uses solely memory foam layers. This makes it a very quiet mattress that will be suitable for people who want to keep their sex life private.

The memory foam, which contains copper gel, is antimicrobial and draws heat away from the body. The gel reacts to pressure with a firming response. This supports the body during movement but still feels comfortable.

The other layers of foam offer increased airflow through the mattress to keep users cool. The company say the layers also create zoned comfort areas and offer motion transfer control.

The company designed this mattress to minimize bounce, which may be beneficial for light sleepers who wake up easily with movement. However, this feature could reduce ease of movement during sex.

A person can flip this Layla mattress, because there are two sides to sleep on: a firm side and a soft side.

Therefore, it is possible to change the side of the mattress a person uses for sleep and sex, if necessary. This may be beneficial for both comfort and hygiene reasons, although flipping the mattress may take some work.

Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Latex mattresses can be bouncier than memory foam ones, but they may not be as bouncy as a spring mattress. Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid Mattress with natural foam and New Zealand wool uses foam and coil springs.

There is a 4-inch (in) layer of natural Dunlop latex foam that the company source from rubber trees. According to the Awara website, this layer is 2 in thicker than in standard hybrid mattresses.

The coil layer is 9 in thick and contains individually wrapped coils the company designed to respond to the contours of the body and provide pressure point relief and support for the spine. The coils also add bounce underneath the foam mattress.

The top layer of the mattress uses natural materials, such as New Zealand wool and organic cotton. The company claim these materials naturally regulate temperature and draw moisture away from the body.

This may help keep users cool during sleep and sex.

A mattress should be comfortable during sleep and sex.

The types of mattresses that are most suitable for sex offer bounce and pressure point relief. They also help keep a person cool during and after sex.

If a person needs to minimize mattress noise, a foam mattress will help reduce noise from movement. On the other hand, foam mattresses may not offer the bounciness that some people want during sex. That is why whether a person chooses a foam mattress will depend on their preferences and needs.

Regardless of the type of mattress a person selects, they may want to wash their bedding frequently, making sure to tumble it dry to get rid of bacteria. They may also consider using a protective mattress cover.