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There are several night lights on the market that are suitable for both children and adults.

Night lights can aid relaxation before bed, reduce fear of the dark, and provide lighting at night for better visibility.

This article explains the benefits of using a night light, lists some of the best options available to buy online, and suggests some alternatives.

Night lights are useful for people with nyctophobia, or an intense fear of the dark. This is common in children but can affect anyone at any age.

If a night light helps a person fall asleep and sleep better during the night, this may support overall health. Lack of adequate sleep may increase the risk of certain chronic conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, depression, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

Research also suggests that light therapy that uses blue-enriched white light can improve sleep quality and decrease the symptoms of depression.

Some potential disadvantages of using a night light for children is that they may become dependent on the night light to sleep as they get older. For adults sleeping with partners, there may be a disagreement about whether or not to keep a light on at night.

Also, night lights may emit light wavelengths that can disturb sleep by reducing the amount of melatonin the brain produces. Melatonin is a hormone that helps induce sleep.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried any of these products. All information presented here is purely research-based.

LOFTEK LED Night Light Ball

This night light offers 16 colors and four dynamic lighting modes. The light and colors are soft, and people can dim them as needed during the night.

This product is suitable for adults or children and is operable via remote control. The round design is appealing and suitable for different settings.

The product is also waterproof, so it is safe to use outdoors. It is also completely wireless, so it will not use plug sockets.

The LOFTEK LED Night Light Ball is available for purchase online.

AMIR Motion Sensor Night Light

This product comes in packs of six individual lights. They are available in bright white or warm white.

A person can attach these small lights to any indoor surface, including walls. They come with self-adhesive magnets to attach them to non-metallic surfaces. They are battery operated, so they do not use up mains plug sockets.

The motion sensor activation allows people to see where they are going if they get up at night, without waking other household members by using a main light. The lights only activate when a room is dark and turn off after 25 seconds of inactivity.

The AMIR Motion Sensor Night Light is available for purchase online.

TaoTronics Night Light and Sound Machine

This combination night light and sound machine emits a soft, warm white or colored light. It offers 25 soundtracks to help a person fall asleep. These sounds include nature, animal, and lullabies.

Sound machines may aid sleep, so this night light is suitable for helping people who are easily awoken or disturbed by environmental noises or other people in the bed.

The TaoTronics night light is operable via voice control with Alexa or an app. Preset light and sound combinations help with immediate use. It can also store five personalized combinations.

The TaoTronics Night Light and Sound Machine is available for purchase online.

LumiPets Night light

LumiPets night lights are suitable for babies and children. They are touch activated and give a soft glow in eight different colors.

These night lights are made from non-toxic silicone that is easily washable and safe for children to pick up, use, and play with.

LumiPets night lights come in a range of cute animal characters, including rabbits, foxes, owls, cats, and unicorns.

The brightness is adjustable, and a person can set the light on a timer to turn off during the night, once the person is asleep.

The LumiPets Night Lights are available for purchase online.

VAVA Baby Night Light

The VAVA Baby Night Light can help babies fall asleep and soothe them during breastfeeding or diaper changes.

The light offers a warm glow that a person can set on a 1.5-hour timer so that it does not disturb people once they have fallen asleep.

The night light features LEDs that filter blue light or short-wave light from screen media devices, which research suggests can negatively affect sleep, with one study stating that blue light may delay melatonin production.

The VAVA Baby Night Light is waterproof, suitable for outdoor use, and made from safe materials suitable for children and toddlers to play with.

The VAVA Baby Night Light is available for purchase online.

Sound machines are one alternative to night lights. They can play relaxing music, sounds, podcasts, or white noise, which may distract from environmental noises and help people fall asleep.

Learn more about white noise machines here.

Keeping a consistent sleep schedule and practicing good sleep hygiene can also help a person fall asleep without a night light.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend:

  • going to bed at the same time every night
  • getting up at the same time each morning
  • ensuring that the bedroom is quiet, dark, and relaxing
  • not using devices such as televisions, laptops, tablets, or cell phones in the bedroom
  • avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and large meals before bed
  • exercising regularly during the day

Get more tips for falling asleep quickly and naturally here.

A person may want to contact a doctor if they have symptoms of insomnia. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) say that the symptoms of insomnia may include:

  • difficulty getting to sleep
  • difficulty staying asleep
  • waking up too early
  • low mood
  • anxiety about sleep
  • fatigue in the morning

They also claim that people who have chronic conditions — such as arthritis, depression, or thyroid conditions — are at higher risk of insomnia.

People who have irregular working hours, take certain medications, or drink a lot of alcohol or caffeine may also be at higher risk of insomnia.

If a child cannot sleep without a night light, having a conversation with a doctor about treating potential phobias of the dark may be useful.

Sleep problems in children with disabilities can affect the child’s learning, behavior, mood, and overall health.

If a child is having difficulty sleeping and is showing symptoms of anxiety, talking with the child about their worries may help relax them. Having a conversation with a doctor about anxiety may also be useful.

There are many night light options that a person can try that are suitable for both children and adults.

Although some research suggests that some light wavelengths can have a negative impact on sleep, research into light therapy suggests that light can be useful for certain mental health conditions.

Night lights can also be comforting to children who are getting used to sleeping on their own. Night lights for adults can help them see around their house if they need to get up during the night.

Healthful sleeping routines and certain other technology, such as sound machines, can help induce sleep or improve sleep quality.