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Specially designed pillows can improve comfort during pregnancy.

Lower back and pelvis pain is common during pregnancy. Some evidence suggests that sleeping and resting with specially designed pillows can help, though further research is necessary.

Pregnancy pillows may be wedges, C-shaped, or U-shaped. Below, find examples of pillows that may ease pain and promote comfortable sleep during pregnancy.

Research suggests that sleeping on the back can lead to pregnancy complications, so it is a better idea to sleep on one side.

However, this may not feel natural and the change may make sleep more difficult or uncomfortable. A pregnancy pillow may make sleeping on the side easier and more pleasant.

Alternately, if a person prefers to sleep on their front, a pregnancy pillow may help them do so comfortably.

Learn more about sleeping positions during pregnancy here.

Below, find a variety of pregnancy pillows available for purchase in the United States:

1. Pharmedoc U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

People who typically sleep on their sides may find U-shaped pillows more comfortable.

This pillow may support the neck, back, hips, and knees, easing discomfort during pregnancy. It comes with a detachable extension that a person may use for extra support or as a separate pillow.

Anecdotal evidence, from customer reviews, indicates that the pillow may also be useful during nursing.

The Pharamedoc U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow is available for purchase here.

2. Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

This is adjustable, potentially making it more useful throughout the stages of pregnancy, as well as during nursing.

The shape aims to support the abdomen, pelvis, lower back, knees, and ankles, which may lead to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

The makers claim that healthcare professionals helped develop the design.

The Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow is available for purchase here.

3. Pharmedoc C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

This aims to provide all-over support with an almost circular shape. The pillow also contains polyfill that adapts to a person’s body shape.

Its makers claim that the product will help reduce back pain and sleep interruptions.

The Pharmedoc C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow is available for purchase here.

4. The Cozy Bump

Though healthcare professionals recommend sleeping on one side during pregnancy, some research suggests that sleeping on the front may be a safe alternative.

The Cozy Bump is a full-body pillow that contains a hole in the center for the abdomen, and a second hole for the face. This may relieve pressure on the neck.

To ease discomfort in the upper and lower back, this pillow has a slight decline where the legs rest.

A person can also use this pillow when resting outdoors or floating in a pool.

The Cozy Bump is available for purchase here.

5. Boppy Pregnancy Sleep Wedge

This is a compact pillow that a person might use while traveling or on a daily basis. A person may place the wedge-shaped pillow beneath their abdomen, between their knees, or to support their back while sitting upright.

In comparison with the other pillows, this may be a more cost-effective option.

The Boppy Pregnancy Sleep Wedge is available for purchase here.

6. Queen Rose Luxury Long U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This product is large, measuring 65 by 31 inches. Like other U-shaped pillows, it aims to support the neck, back, and legs for a more comfortable sleep experience.

It also contains adjustable polyfill, allowing a person to make it softer or firmer in different areas.

The pillow is hypoallergenic, aiming to be suitable for people with allergies.

The Queen Rose Luxury Long U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is available for purchase here.

7. Snoogle Chic Supreme

According to the makers, a registered nurse oversaw the design of this C-shaped pillow, which aims to support the head, abdomen, and knees during sleep.

During the day, a person might fold the pillow and use it for back support or fold it around them, so that it cradles their bump and back while sitting.

The Snoogle Chic Supreme is available for purchase here.

The many changes of pregnancy can cause discomfort and pain that can make sleep challenging. There is some evidence that using a specially designed pillow can help provide needed support.

Anyone looking to purchase a pregnancy pillow should consider whether they would prefer a C-shape, U-shape, wedge, or a pillow designed for sleeping on the front.