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Specially designed pillows can improve comfort during pregnancy, relieving back and pelvis discomfort. Pregnancy pillows are available in different forms, including wedges, C-shapes, or U-shapes.

A quick look at the best pillows for pregnancy:

Lower back and pelvis pain is common during pregnancy. Some evidence suggests that sleeping and resting with specially designed pillows may help relieve these discomforts.

A pregnancy pillow may also make sleeping on the side easier and more pleasant. Alternately, if a person prefers to sleep on their front, a pregnancy pillow may help them do so comfortably without compressing their bump.

Research suggests that sleeping on the back can lead to pregnancy complications, so encouraging a person to sleep on their side may reduce this risk.

Learn more about sleeping positions during pregnancy here.

Further research is necessary to confirm the benefits and best uses for pregnancy pillows.

MNT chooses mattresses, sheets, pillows, and other bedding that meet the following criteria:

  • Certifications: MNT will choose products that have CertiPUR-US or other certifications. This means that the products are low in pollutants and free from heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.
  • Size: MNT chooses products that are available in various sizes.
  • Materials and fill: MNT selects products made from different materials and fills, such as memory foam and latex, to suit a range of sleep and lifestyles.
  • Budget: MNT features products to suit a wide range of budgets.
  • Shipping: Where possible, MNT will include shipping information, such as where the company delivers to and whether shipping is free.
  • Warranties and return policies: MNT will include products that carry warranties and clear returns policies.
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Best overall: Boppy Slipcovered Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

  • Price: $70
  • Size: 48 x 26 x 7.5 inches (in)
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds (lbs)
  • Shape: semi circular
  • Material: cotton, polyester

The manufacturers claim that the unique shape of this pregnancy pillow provides full body support and alignment to the head, neck, back, hips, and bump. This is due to the pillow’s contoured design, which follows the natural shape of the pregnant body.

It is adjustable, and users can adapt it to different positions, such as sitting upright or lying down. People can use it during pregnancy or postpartum to relieve aches and pains.

The pillow is fully machine washable, with an easy-to-remove cover. The cover is available in organic cotton or at a lower cost in rayon.

Pros and cons:

Reviews on Amazon are mostly positive. Customers state that the pillow offers adequate support, improves sleep quality, and is comfortable to use. Some also state that the pillow also works well for nursing.

However, others find the pillow uncomfortable due to uneven distribution of filling. Others report difficulty returning the item.

Best U-shaped: PharMeDoc U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

  • Price: $60
  • Size: 53 x 31 x 7 in
  • Weight: 6.5 Ibs
  • Shape: U-shaped
  • Material: jersey and organic cotton

People who typically sleep on their sides may find U-shaped pillows more comfortable.

Learn about the best head pillows for side sleepers here.

This pillow may support the neck, back, hips, and knees, easing discomfort during pregnancy.

It comes with a detachable extension that a person may use for extra support or as a separate pillow.

Anecdotal evidence from customer reviews indicates that the pillow may also be useful during nursing.

This product comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Pros and cons

Reviews on Amazon are mostly positive, with people stating that the pillow allows for restful sleep and provides good support.

Additionally, reviewers state that the fabric is soft and comfortable and helps to keep the body temperature even throughout the night.

However, some reviewers state that the zipper on the cushion is large and digs into the skin. Some reviews state that the length of the body pillow is too short, and the material inside the pillow is lumpy and thin.

Best S-shaped: Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

  • Price: $209
  • Size: 59 x 10 x 15 in
  • Weight: 4.6 Ibs
  • Shape: S-shape
  • Material: 95% cotton and 5% spandex jersey fabric

This pregnancy pillow is adjustable, potentially making it more useful throughout different stages of pregnancy and during nursing.

The shape aims to support the abdomen, pelvis, lower back, knees, and ankles.

The inner pillow contains industrially compostable Biofoam beads. The outer cover has OEKO-TEX certification, demonstrating that it is free from toxins such as BPA.

It is available in five different colors.

Pros and cons

Reviews on the manufacturer’s website are mostly positive. Customers state that the pillow is comfortable, allowing for restful sleep.

Others claim the pillow help regulate body temperature even throughout the night, the firmness is easy to adjust, and the pillow is not bulky.

However, others found that the cover material was too thick and made the body temperature rise too high. Others said that the pillow had a strong chemical, plastic smell.

It is higher cost than other options.

Best C-shaped: PharMeDoc The CeeCee Pregnancy Pillow

  • Price: $60
  • Size: 57 x 30 x 7 in
  • Weight: 7 Ibs
  • Shape: C-shape
  • Material: jersey and organic cotton

This C-chape pillow aims to provide all-over support with an almost circular shape. It contains polyfil that adapts to a person’s body shape.

The manufacturers of this pillow state that this design replaces the need for multiple pillows, as it supports the back, hips, knees, neck, and head.

PharMeDoc states that this pillow is multipurpose and useful for sleeping, reading, and nursing. This pillow may also provide support to people who are recovering from surgery.

Pros and cons

Customer reviews are mostly positive, with customers praising the value for money and that it enables a restful night’s sleep. The pillow is odorless, which may help with pregnancy nausea.

However, some reviewers were disappointed with the pillow losing its shape quickly. Some also comment that the material does not dissipate heat effectively.

Best wedge: Boppy Pregnancy Sleep Wedge

  • Price: $20
  • Size: 14 x 4 x 12 in
  • Weight: 9 Ibs
  • Shape: wedge
  • Material: cotton, spandex cover, polypropylene, and polyurethane

A person can place a wedge-shaped pillow beneath their abdomen, between their knees, or to support their back while sitting upright.

People may prefer a small wedge pillow’s adaptability and ease of use. It is compact and travel-friendly.

This pillow is suitable for use while sitting or laying. It is firm, providing greater support than soft or adjustable pillows.

The manufacturer suggests using this pillow to support the back postpartum.

Pros and cons

Reviews on Amazon are mostly positive. Customers state that the pillow is firm but lightweight, making it easy to travel and when changing positions. It also helps to align the spine and gives good back support.

However, other reviewers say that the pillow is too small to provide sufficient back support and has a chemical smell when new.

Best adjustable: Coop Home Goods Adjustable Full Body Pillow

  • Price: $80
  • Size: 20 x 54 x 7 in
  • Weight: 8.25 Ibs
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Material: Lulltra fabric (40% viscose rayon, 60% polyester)

According to the manufacturers, this pillow may encourage healthy spinal alignment by conforming to the spine’s natural curve and supporting the neck and knees.

The manufacturers claim that it is suitable for both petite and tall people due to its adjustable body. People can unzip the cover and remove or add filling as desired.

The pillow has a washable cover and is medium-firm

The pillow is CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold Certified. This means it is free from harmful chemicals.

Pros and cons

Reviews on Amazon are mainly positive. Customers say that the interior filling is soft and easy to adjust to accommodate a person’s body shape. Additionally, the pillow offers good back pain relief and provides support between the knees.

However, others state that the pregnancy pillow is too long to use in a bed. People may also need to air it for a long time due to its chemical smell when new.

Best full body: Queen Rose Luxury Long U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

  • Price: $70
  • Size: 65 x 31 x 7 in
  • Weight: 7 Ibs
  • Shape: U-shape
  • Material: cotton, polyfill

This large product measures 65 by 31 inches to provide full 360-degree support around the body.

Like other U-shaped pillows, it aims to support the neck, back, and legs for a more comfortable sleep experience.

This pillow contains adjustable polyfil, allowing a person to make it softer or firmer in different areas.

The pillow is hypoallergenic, meaning it is suitable for people with allergies. It also has OEKO-TEX certification.

Multiple color options are available.

Pros and cons

Reviews on Amazon are mostly positive. Customers state that the pillow is a good size, maintains its shape and firmness, and is sturdy.

However, others say that the cover is difficult to remove, and the pillow does not offer much support under the bump.

Best travel-friendly: Leachco Snoogle Mini Chic Compact Side Sleeper Pillow

  • Price: $60
  • Size: 22 x 14 x 7 in
  • Weight: 2.8 Ibs
  • Shape: C-shape
  • Material: cotton, polyester

This pillow is suitable for travel and small spaces due to its compact size and light weight.

It may help people sleep on their side, elevating and aligning the hips for a neutral position. This pillow may also provide all-over body support.

The cover is removable and machine washable.

Pros and cons:

Reviews on Amazon are mostly positive. Customers state that the pillow does not take up a lot of room on the bed and is suitable for use with a standard pillow. Others say it may help reduce acid reflux when placing it beneath the chest.

However, some customers found that the pillow was still bulky despite its smaller size, and the seams were painful to lie on. Others state that the pillow loses its firmness during the night and needs readjusting.

Best for front sleeping: The Cozy Bump

  • Price: $90
  • Size: 72 x 28 x 9.5 in
  • Weight: 4.9 Ibs
  • Shape: canoe shape
  • Material: PVC plastic

Though healthcare professionals recommend sleeping on the side during pregnancy, some research suggests that sleeping on the front may be a safe alternative.

The Cozy Bump is a full-body pillow. It has a hole in the center for the abdomen and a second hole for the face. This may relieve pressure on the neck.

This pillow has a slight decline where the legs rest to ease discomfort in the upper and lower back.

A person can also use this pillow when resting outdoors or floating in a pool.

People should speak to a doctor about sleeping on their stomach safely during pregnancy.

Pros and cons

Reviews on the Cozy Bump website are mostly positive, with customers stating that short-term use of the pillow helps relieve back pain, acid reflux, and heartburn. Additionally, it is quick and easy to inflate.

However, others commented on its size, saying that it is too big to have on a bed and takes up a lot of space on the floor. Others state the pillow does not come with a pump, and they need to purchase it separately. Some reviewers state that it was uncomfortable to use for long periods and caused pelvic strain.

Best for side sleeping: Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow

  • Price: $35
  • Size: 24 x 14 x 7 in
  • Weight: 1.7 Ibs
  • Shape: wedge
  • Material: polyester

This pillow has a stretch panel that aims to keep the pillow in place while sleeping, lounging, or sitting.

Due to its butterfly wedge shape, it keeps the person sleeping on their side. This may make it suitable for people who struggle to stay on their side while sleeping.

Its compact design saves space and makes it easy to carry around. It is fully machine washable.

Pros and cons

Reviews on Amazon are mostly positive. Reviewers state that the pillow is easy to wash and keeps its shape. Additionally, it does not cause sweating and gives the body good all-over support.

However, others find it difficult to turn over and change position while using the pillow. Other reviews say that the pillow is too tall and puts pressure on their belly.

Below is a comparison table of the pregnancy pillows in this article:

PriceMaterialShapeSize (in)Weight (Ibs)
Boppy Slipcovered
Total Body
semi circular48 x 26 x 7.55.6
$60jersey cottonU-shape53 x 31 x 7 6.5
Bbhugme$209Biofoam beads,
spandex jersey
S-shape59 x 10 x 154.3
$60jersey cottonC-shape57 x 30 x 7 7
Boppy Pregnancy
Sleep Wedge
wedge14 x 4 x 129
Coop Home Goods
Adjustable Full Body
$80viscose rayon,
rectangular54 x 20 x 78.25
Queen Rose
Luxury Long
U-shape65 x 31 x 77
Leachco Snoogle
Mini Chic
C-shape22 x 14 x 71.3
The Cozy Bump$90PVC plasticcanoe shape72 x 28 x 9.54.9
Boppy Side Sleeper$35polyesterwedge24 x 14 x 71.7

People may wish to consider the following when choosing the best pregnancy pillow:

  • Size: People may wish to choose a pregnancy pillow based on the space available and the size of the user. Some pillows will take up a lot of space on the bed or on the floor, whereas others may be easier to store away. Full-body pillows may suit taller or bigger people.
  • Support: Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of firmness options. People should choose the firmness which is most comfortable for them.
  • Materials: There are a variety of materials to choose from, such as cotton, polyester, rayon, and more. People may want to consider the sustainability and comfort of different material options.
  • Allergies: People with allergies should consider purchasing a hypoallergenic pillow.
  • Care: Pillows will get a lot of use, so it is important to check wash and care instructions before purchase.
  • Multi-use: Many pregnancy pillows are also suitable for use as nursing pillows. People may wish to consider the comfort and support the pillow will offer while nursing.
  • Price: Prices of pregnancy pillows vary. People may wish to consider their budget before purchasing.

An older 2007 study assessed the effects of interventions for preventing and treating back and pelvic pain in pregnancy. It concluded that a wedge-shaped maternity cushion, in combination with exercise, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and water gymnastics, may help relieve back or pelvic pain.

A 2014 study indicates that an orthopedic pillow may be optimal for sleep quality, as it conforms to the natural curve of the cervical spine that a person adopts while asleep. This may help alleviate pain.

However, there is very little evidence that pregnancy pillows alone relieve discomfort.

Musculoskeletal discomfort and pain are common during pregnancy. 20% of people experience pelvic pain, and more than 65% experience lower back pain. These conditions can impact a person’s quality of life.

Anyone experiencing chronic pain or difficulty sleeping during pregnancy should speak with a doctor.

The following are common questions and answers about pregnancy pillows:

Is a C-shape or U-shape pregnancy pillow better?

Choosing a pregnancy pillow is dependent on personal preference.

According to the Statista Research Department, the U-shaped pregnancy pillow is more popular with expectant mothers than the C-shaped pillow. 40% of expectant mothers purchased the U-shaped pregnancy pillow, and 30% of expectant mothers purchased the C-shaped pillow.

When should a person start using a pregnancy pillow?

A person can use a pregnancy pillow at any stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

A person may wish to use a pregnancy pillow whenever they find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping or sitting position.

People experiencing neck, back, pelvis, or knee pain during pregnancy may also find that a pregnancy pillow offers support and relief.

Are pregnancy pillows worth it?

There is no scientific evidence to prove that pregnancy pillows relieve pelvic pain or improve sleep quality during pregnancy.

However, some people may find that pregnancy pillows provide more comfort and support than a standard pillow.

Pregnancy changes can cause discomfort and pain that can make sleep challenging. There is some evidence that using a specially designed pillow can help provide needed support.

Anyone looking to purchase a pregnancy pillow should consider whether they prefer a C-shape, U-shape, wedge, or a pillow designed for sleeping on the front. They may also wish to consider the size, weight, and price of the pillows available.