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People who sleep on their stomachs may prefer to use a pillow that adapts to their sleeping position. This article explores some of the best pillows for stomach sleepers, including those with certain health conditions, including neck pain or allergies.

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According to research, only around 7.3% of people are front, or stomach, sleepers. This sleeping position is more common in men than women and in individuals aged 20–34 years.

Different sleeping positions may have varying effects on a person’s health. However, more research into the relationship between sleeping positions and health is necessary.

Regardless of a person’s preferred sleep position, researchers know that getting good quality sleep can greatly improve mental and physical well-being. Using a good pillow can help with this.

People who experience neck pain may benefit from using specialist pillows. However, pillows are not a replacement for medical treatment — if a person experiences persistent neck pain despite changing pillows, they can speak with a doctor.

When choosing a pillow for stomach sleepers, people may wish to consider the following:

  • Loft: The loft of a pillow is how much height it provides. For stomach sleepers, a pillow that is too high or too low can strain the neck and prevent proper spinal alignment. Generally, low loft pillows may suit stomach sleepers. Some pillows types, such as buckwheat pillows, allow for loft adjustment by adding or removing the filling.
  • Material: Different materials affect the firmness, support, and comfort of a pillow. For example, memory foam pillows mold to the shape of the user and are medium-firm. Feather pillows are soft but offer little support, while latex or buckwheat pillows are firm but may feel less comfortable. Most pillows use foam, which provides medium support and comfort.
  • Firmness level and support: Pillows can vary in firmness levels. Some people prefer soft pillows that they sink into, while others may prefer a firm pillow that does not mold to the user. Generally, stomach sleepers may prefer soft to medium-firm pillows, which may support proper spinal alignment.
  • Shape: Some pillows for stomach sleepers are available in specialist shapes that aim to offer comfortable spinal alignment. For example, wedge-shaped pillows may suit people who experience neck pain. Pillows with cutouts may allow individuals to sleep face down more comfortably.

Each person will have unique needs and preferences. It may help to test different types of pillows before making a final purchase.

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Please note that the writer of this article has not tried any of these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

Best adjustable pillow for stomach sleepers
JOLLYVOGUE Two-Pack Hypoallergenic Pillows

These pillows are firm and may suit a variety of sleeping positions, including stomach sleeping.

The fill comprises polyester, a hypoallergenic substance. This means that it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The outer cover is also hypoallergenic.

Additionally, these pillows have zippered inner cores, which allow for adjusting their fill. This helps people change the height of their pillows.

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Best hypoallergenic pillow for stomach sleepers
Xtreme Comforts Slim Hypoallergenic Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

This hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant pillow is around 4 inches (in) high.

The pillow’s shredded memory foam fill is comfortable and has a uniform density. The cover uses Micro-Vented Kool-Flow Technology, which reportedly improves breathability and keeps the sleeping surface cool.

Additionally, the memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it has undergone testing for safety and does not emit any harmful gases or substances. The cover consists of a mixture of polyester and bamboo-derived rayon.

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Best travel pillow for stomach sleepers
Downlite Extra-Soft Down Pillow

This pillow is soft, slim, and easily foldable, making it a suitable option for traveling.

This pillow features a hypoallergenic duck down filling, a very soft substance. However, it is not suitable for vegans or people who avoid animal products.

Additionally, Downlite has received a Responsible Down Standard certification.

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Best slim pillow for stomach sleepers
Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Pillow

Stomach sleepers who experience neck pain may find that using thicker pillows worsens their discomfort. In these cases, a slimmer pillow could help. At 2.5 in, the Elite Rest Ultra Slim Sleeper Pillow is very thin.

This pillow is also very light at under 2 pounds, making it easy to use when traveling.

Additionally, the pillow consists of latex memory foam, while the outer cover comprises cotton.

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Best pillow for stomach sleepers with neck pain
Hermell Face-Down Wedge Pillow

Stomach sleepers with severe neck pain may find it helpful to sleep face down. These individuals might want to consider a pillow designed specifically for this sleeping position.

This pillow has a cutout section to fit a person’s head. It also slopes gently upward. These features allow stomach sleepers to sleep face down without putting pressure on their neck and back.

At its highest point, this pillow is 6 in tall.

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Best cooling pillow for stomach sleepers:
Bluewave Bedding Super-Slim, Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow has a height of between 2.5 and 2.75 in, making it generally suitable for stomach sleepers.

It features a ventilated gel core, which absorbs excess heat and moves it away from the sleeping surface. This can help people get too warm as they sleep.

The fill of this pillow comprises a CertiPUR-US certified foam.

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Best eco-friendly pillow for stomach sleepers:
Saatva Pillow

This hypoallergenic pillow is soft, dense, and flat.

Its cover consists of cotton, while the fill uses shredded American Talalay latex. This shredded fill allows air to flow throughout the pillow, helping cool a person down as they sleep.

Because of its height, this pillow may suit individuals who sleep on their stomachs or their sides.

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Best body pillow for stomach sleepers:
Coop Home Goods Body Pillow

Stomach sleepers often sleep with their spine in a twisted position, which may lead to lower back pain. Using body pillows can help stomach sleepers maintain a straighter spine during sleep.

This pillow is also useful for individuals who change their sleeping positions, as the amount and placement of the fill are adjustable.

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Additionally, this body pillow has a CertiPUR-US certified fill. It consists of shredded memory foam and a cooling gel, which draws heat away from the sleeping surface. The cover comprises polyester and bamboo-derived rayon.

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Common questions and answers about pillows for stomach sleepers include:

What pillow material is best for stomach sleepers?

No one material type is best for stomach sleepers, as each person will have different needs and preferences. Memory foam or latex may be preferable if the pillow is thin or low-loft. For thicker pillows, a softer material, such as down or feather, may be better.

People can consider how soft or supportive they want their pillow to be, alongside other considerations such as whether the material is hypoallergenic or comes from sustainable sources.

What pillow firmness is best for stomach sleepers?

Again, no firmness is best for all stomach sleepers. The pillow should aim to align the spine and not cause the neck to arch back or sink too far. Generally, a low-loft or thin pillow should be firm, while a high-loft or thicker pillow should be soft.

Is stomach sleeping safe?

Sleeping on the stomach may cause issues with spinal alignment and neck pain if a person does not have proper spinal alignment and neck support.

However, it is important that individuals choose the position that allows them to get adequate sleep each night. If a person prefers stomach sleeping, they do not need to change their sleep position if it affects sleep quality or overall well-being.

If people experience sleeping issues, neck or back pain, or other issues related to their sleeping position, they can consult with a doctor.

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Stomach sleepers often have to twist their neck when sleeping, which can cause neck and shoulder pain. To prevent this issue, some may find it helpful to use a cutout pillow, which allows them to sleep face down.

It can also be helpful for stomach sleepers to use a pillow that is not too thick. Individuals who sleep on their stomachs may find that thick pillows are less comfortable than thinner varieties. This is because thicker pillows tend to make people twist their necks more.