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From symptom trackers to appointment reminder apps, there are many apps available to help women manage their pregnancy.

According to a review study, people primarily use such apps to access pregnancy health and fetal development information. However, many apps have numerous other features.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular pregnancy apps for iPhone and Android.

Please note, the writer of this article has not tried all of the featured apps. All information is based on research.

A pregnant working woman opens her phone to access the best pregnancy apps to check appointment reminders.Share on Pinterest
Using pregnancy apps can help pregnant women track symptoms and appointments.

The creators of the Pregnancy Tracker app intended for it to be a comprehensive tool for pregnant women.

Some of the features include a pregnancy newsfeed, exercise and nutrition tips, and a daily maternity calendar. The app also has a birth plan checklist, a contraction timer, and a baby names finder.

Once the baby is born, the app will transition into a daily parenting guide.

The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app has a calendar to track important dates and milestones, several pregnancy articles, and some baby names suggestions.

There are also some unique features, including a baby hand and foot sizes feature, so that parents-to-be can see how the big baby’s foot is in the womb. There is also a baby size comparison feature based on different themes, such as fruits, animals, and even Parisian pastries.

The app also offers several key trackers, including those for sleep, medications, moods, and exercise.

The Bump — Pregnancy Countdown is a comprehensive pregnancy app. It features daily pregnancy-related articles, an interactive daily growth chart, and a pregnancy prenatal visit guide, as well as a registry that tracks multiple websites.

Users particularly enjoy the bump-and-baby photos section, where they can create an album that tracks their growing belly pictures.

Sprout Pregnancy is a former Time magazine top 50 apps of the year. Users enjoy the doctor-authored articles, checklists, and pregnancy counters.

There are also lots of useful tools, such as a weight tracker, kick counter, pregnancy journal, and contraction timer.

Many users also enjoy the “Next Generation Interaction” feature, wherein the app generates a sample view as to what the baby looks like in utero. This unique virtual viewpoint provides an insight into how the baby is moving and how fast their heart is beating.

Totally Pregnant houses online prenatal and birthing classes. The app also features video blogs from other pregnant women around the world, an online chat community, and an online baby registry.

People can also add images of scans and bump photos to their personal in-app photo album.

Daddy Up can help new fathers understand more about pregnancy and help them find ways to help during the 9 months of pregnancy.

The app features clear and easy-to-read content. There is also a checklist feature, a glossary on pregnancy terms, and the ability to track weekly updates on the baby’s size.

This app is dedicated to helping pregnant women stay fit and healthy. It features personalized workout plans based on the stage of pregnancy.

People can also find a section on mindfulness coaching, which includes guided meditation for relaxation. Recipes for healthful baby-friendly snacks and meals are also available.

However, the app is only available for iPhone. That said, there are similar highly rated apps for Android, such as Pregnancy Exercises.

This app features soothing music that can help people relax and entertain their baby during pregnancy.

People can play the music while meditating or when they want to take a break and enjoy the baby’s movements. Just as the baby can hear a parent’s voice and heartbeat in the womb, they can also hear these tones.

Although this app is only available for Android, iPhone users may wish to download the Pregnancy Relax Music app, which is similar.

This app is the product of hypnotherapist Paola Bagnall, who created it to help people achieve relaxation during the pregnancy and birth experiences.

The app features free relaxation and visualization guides, and people can purchase other recordings specific to their birth type.

Using pregnancy apps can provide reassurance during pregnancy and planning, whether this is a first- or fifth-time pregnancy.

Most pregnancy apps are free and contain a variety of information and trackers to help both partners.

If a person has a pregnancy-related health question or concern, it is best to consult a doctor or midwife directly.