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Serta is a mattress brand that sells a wide range of foam and cooling mattresses in a variety of sizes and firmnesses. People can buy Serta mattresses in stores or online.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 35% of adults in the U.S. get fewer than the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night. This lack of sleep may increase the risk of stroke, obesity, diabetes, and other conditions.

The 2020 Sleep in America poll revealed that 44% of the poll respondents felt tired 2–4 days a week.

While many factors play a role in poor sleep, the 2015 Sleep in America poll found that people with chronic pain lose, on average, 42 minutes of sleep a night. Furthermore, the most recent 2022 poll found that other factors affecting people’s sleep include looking at digital screens before sleeping and not spending enough time outdoors.

People may also find that using a mattress that suits their preferences regarding materials, firmness, and sleep temperature may improve their sleep. A person can often find a wide range of mattresses specifically designed for certain needs with popular mattress brands.

This article takes an in-depth look at the mattress brand Serta, provides a list of its products, and discusses what a person should look for when choosing a mattress.

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The following list includes Serta mattresses that a person can consider for different sleep needs and preferences.

Best for smaller budgets: EZ Tote Mattress

The Serta EZ Tote Mattress isolated on a blue background.

Price: $349–599

This mattress uses Serta Gel Memory Foam and the brand’s Foam Core, which is durable, supportive, and will suit any sleep position, according to the company. Serta explains that the Gel Memory Foam layer allows air to flow through the mattress, which helps to keep people cool while they sleep.

A person can choose between four sizes for this EZ Tote Mattress: twin, full, queen, and king size. Additionally, a person can add an extra comfort layer for more support for an extra $50.

This mattress is the cheapest Serta offers and is an affordable option for people working with smaller budgets.

The company also states that it delivers its EZ Tote Mattress in its smallest carton to date.

Serta offers a 120-day trial, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping and returns for this mattress.

Best for pressure point relief: Perfect Sleeper Mattress

The Perfect Sleeper Mattress isolated on a blue background.

Price: $1,099–1,599

The Perfect Sleeper mattress features three layers: a CoolFeel Cover, a plant-derived fabric cover that is cool to the touch, a gel memory foam layer, and a layer of individually wrapped coils.

A person can choose to add extra layers of memory foam and a pillow top onto the mattress for an extra cost.

The HexCloud Gel Memory Foam layer features cutouts that help relieve pressure points. Additionally, a person can choose the firmness of the memory foam layer, from plush, medium, to extra firm.

Serta writes that this new Perfect Sleeper mattress provides more than 40% better pressure relief when compared to previous Perfect Sleeper models.

This mattress comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California (CA) king sizes.

Best breathable mattress: iComfort Mattress

The Serta iComfort Mattress isolated on a blue background.

Price: $1,099–2,099

With the iComfort Mattress models, a person can choose between a range of breathable, cooling foam layers.

The CF1000 model includes a carbon fiber memory foam layer designed to draw heat away from a person’s body and provide support. The CF1000 model also includes a Cold Touch Cover, which is a breathable knitted cover that is cool to the touch.

Other models, such as the CF2000, CF3000, and CF4000, include combinations of the carbon fiber foam with high-performance cooling fabric covers, cooling gel memory foam layers, and open-cell memory foam that promotes airflow through the mattress.

Reviews on the Serta website are generally positive, with some users writing that the mattress is effective at reducing motion transfer and adapts well to the weight and shape of their body.

Online reviews of the Serta iComfort mattress are generally positive, with 217 out of 252 reviews showing that the user would recommend this mattress to others.

Positive reviews mention that the medium-firmness strikes a good balance between support and cushioning and that it helped users stay cool overnight.

Negative reviews mention that it is too firm, and the supportive foam can cause dips in the middle of the mattress. Some users report problems with the warranty policy and getting their mattresses replaced.

A person can choose from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and CA king sizes for this mattress model.

Best for back and neck support: iComfort Hybrid Mattress

The Serta iComfort Hybrid Mattress isolated on a blue background.

Price: $1,109–2,099

The iComfort Hybrid Mattress offers medium support.

A 2021 study suggests that medium-firm mattresses may be more effective than firm mattresses in relieving chronic unspecified back pain. People with pain at pressure points or unexplained back pain may find that a medium-firm option helps alleviate their symptoms.

The carbon fiber memory foam core offers firm but adaptable support that may suit people who sleep on their back. There is also a layer of Air Support Foam that comprises foam blocks with hollow centers that contour according to the shape of the user’s body and sleep position.

Positive reviews mention that the users found the mattress comfortable and it improved neck and back pain.

However, negative reviews mention that the mattress can develop dips after a few months of use and become uncomfortable. Additionally, some users mentioned the mattress caused allergy symptoms, including sweating, itchiness, and redness.

This mattress comes in the full range of Serta’s sizes, from twin to CA king.

Best soft mattress: Serene Sky Mattress

The Serta Serene Sky Mattress isolated on a blue background.

Price: $499–849

Serta describes the Serene Sky Mattress as plush.

It features five layers, including four foam layers and one layer of 805 individually wrapped coils.

A person has the option to add additional layers to this mattress for an extra cost. The first comfort upgrade includes adding an extra inch of gel foam that can give the mattress a firmer feel. The second comfort upgrade includes the extra inch of gel foam and another pillow top foam layer designed to cushion and adapt to a person’s body.

Positive reviews mention that the softness of this mattress is very comfortable. Negative reviews state that it can develop dips that do not bounce back after use.

A person can choose from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and CA king sizes.

Best for cooling: Arctic Mattress

The Serta Arctic Mattress isolated on a blue background.

Price: $2,999–4,099

This mattress has four layers, including a gel memory foam layer and the brand’s proprietary Reactex system, which the company states provide its best heat-absorbing layer.

Serta reports that the Arctic Mattress is 15 times better at absorbing heat than the Perfect Sleeper range.

This product also features a proprietary cooling gel and a hybrid structure of micro-coils that react individually to a person’s body position and movement. These aim to work together to provide better cooling, comfort, and pressure relief.

122 out of 125 reviews on the online Arctic Mattress product page state that the user would recommend this mattress. Positive reviews mention that its cooling properties help users sleep better and cooler. Some users also mentioned that their back pain improved after using this mattress.

This is one of the most expensive mattress models from Serta, and it may not be suitable for people working with smaller budgets.

Positive reviews mention that the mattress was comfortable and its cooling layers were effective.

More neutral reviews mentioned that it might not be suitable for heavier people.

Serta, which has been in business since 1931, sells its mattresses internationally. A person can buy Serta mattresses in stores and online.

According to the company, Serta foam mattresses are CertiPUR-US-certified, indicating that they are free of flame retardants and other harmful chemicals, such as lead and mercury.

Serta’s latex mattresses are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for people with allergies. However, a person should check with a health professional before buying a latex mattress if they have a latex allergy.

A person can try their chosen mattress for 120 nights, and Serta offers a 10-year warranty on all of its mattresses. Shipping and returns are free with all Serta mattresses.

In addition to producing many different mattresses, the company offers a range of bed frames, including a handful of adjustable models.

The table below compares each of the Serta mattress models included in this list.

EZ Tote MattressPerfect Sleeper MattressiComfort MattressiComfort Hybrid MattressSerene Sky MattressArctic Mattress
Size rangetwin to kingtwin to CA kingtwin to CA kingtwin to CA kingtwin to CA kingtwin XL to CA king
Materialsgel memory foam, foam corefabric cover, gel memory foam, coilscarbon fiber memory foam, gel foamcarbon fiber memory foam, gel memory foam, edge foamfoam, gel foam, coilsmemory foam, gel memory foam, edge foam
Firmnessmedium firmplush, medium, extra firmmediummediumplushplush foam, medium hybrid
Height8 inches (in)13 in10 in12 in11 in13.5 in

Serta has many mattresses designed to suit people with different needs.

A person can consider the following factors when choosing a Serta mattress.

  • Cost: Finding the right mattress can help a person improve their sleep quality. A person should consider the features they need in a mattress and how that may affect the price of the products they consider. Some mattress models and brands can come at low prices, while others may not be suitable for smaller budgets. A person can compare similar mattress models when shopping to see how prices can vary for mattresses with similar features.
  • Materials: A person should consider the materials used to make the mattress. Some people may find some materials help to keep them cool overnight, while others may have to choose a mattress that does not include materials they are allergic to, such as latex. Learn more about latex allergies.
  • Firmness: Not every Serta mattress is available in the brand’s full range of firmness options. A person’s sleep position may influence how soft or firm they like their mattress. Additionally, a person may have to consider health concerns such as back pain or hip pain. Firmer mattresses may be more suitable for keeping the spine aligned, while softer mattresses may be beneficial for people who want to relieve pressure on their joints while they sleep. A person can consider trying a mattress out in-store or use Serta’s trial period to test out their chosen mattress.
  • Size: A person should consider the size of the mattress to make sure it will fit on a bed frame, and it will not be too high or too low. A person may also want to consider the other people sleeping in the bed and how that may affect which size of mattress is suitable for them. For Serta mattresses, sizes typically range from twin to California king.
  • Sleep trials: Many mattress brands offer trial periods of 100 nights or more. This means a person can try their chosen mattress at home and return it if they find it unsuitable. A person should check each brand’s return and warranty policies before purchasing. Serta offers a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty on all mattresses.

People who wish to look at mattresses from other manufacturers may wish to consider the following brands:

Serta is an established mattress retailer that sells its products internationally. It sells a wide range of mattresses for different needs, including firm and soft mattresses and ones that keep users cool overnight.

The majority of Serta mattresses use foam layers with coils. Some mattresses use latex, which may not be suitable for people with latex allergies.

A person can trial Serta mattresses for 120 nights and test out mattresses in-store at approved Serta retailers.

If a person is having difficulty falling or staying asleep, or if they are worried about the effects a lack of sleep is having on their health, they should contact a doctor for advice.