Allergies and asthma can improve or worsen in certain locations in response to triggers such as allergens or air pollution. Some people estimate that the Buffalo metropolitan area in New York State is the best for allergies. For asthma, it is Provo, Utah.

Since these triggers are more common in some places than others, certain locations are better for living with these conditions.

Where an individual lives can greatly affect how seriously these conditions affect them.

This article explains why before listing some of the best places to live for people with allergies and asthma. It will also discuss possible home remedies for allergies and more.

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Some people use the term “allergies” for what doctors call “allergic rhinitis.” This is a condition where a person’s body reacts with certain symptoms in response to environmental allergens.

Those allergens could be things such as pollen, dust, or animal dander.

As a 2022 review explains, allergy symptoms can worsen after exposure to such allergens.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has created a ranking of metropolitan areas in the United States.

The ranking compares how living in different metropolitan areas might affect those with allergic rhinitis. The AAFA bases its ranking on factors such as:

  • pollen levels
  • over-the-counter allergy medication sales
  • the number of allergic rhinitis specialists

According to the AAFA, the following are the 10 best U.S. metropolitan areas for allergic rhinitis:

RankingMetropolitan areaPollen levelsMedication salesAllergy specialists
1Buffalo, NYaveragebetter than averageaverage
2Seatle, WAbetter than averagebetter than averageaverage
3Cleveland, OHbetter than averagebetter than averagebetter than average
4Austin, TXaveragebetter than averagebetter than average
5Akron, OHbetter than averagebetter than averageaverage
6Washington, DCbetter than averageaveragebetter than average
7Detroit, MIbetter than averagebetter than averagebetter than average
8Albuquerque, NMbetter than averageworse than averageaverage
9Columbus, OHbetter than averageaverageaverage
10Salt Lake City, UTbetter than averagebetter than averageaverage

Ohio is the most common state within this ranking.

According to a 2023 review, asthma can also worsen in response to various triggers, sometimes quite suddenly.

These triggers include the same kinds of allergens that affect people with allergic rhinitis, alongside factors such as tobacco smoke and air pollution.

The AAFA ranks the best U.S. metropolitan areas for living with asthma. For this ranking, the organization looked at the following data:

  • estimated asthma prevalence
  • the death rate for asthma
  • emergency department visits for asthma

According to the AAFA, the following are the 10 best U.S. metropolitan areas for asthma:

RankingMetropolitan areaAsthma prevalenceAsthma death rateEmergency department asthma visits
1Provo, UTbetter than averagebetter than averagebetter than average
2Winston-Salem, NCbetter than average averagebetter than average
3Colorado Springs, CObetter than averagebetter than averagebetter than average
4Raleigh, NCbetter than averagebetter than averagebetter than average
5Madison, WIbetter than averagebetter than averageaverage
6Oxnard, CAbetter than averagebetter than averagebetter than average
7Salt Lake City, UTbetter than averageaverageaverage
8Little Rock, ARbetter than averagebetter than averageaverage
9Durham, NCbetter than averageaveragebetter than average
10Boston, MAbetter than averageworse than averagebetter than average

North Carolina is the most common state within this ranking.

As a 2018 paper explains, there are many medications to treat allergic rhinitis.

People could also help manage their allergic rhinitis by avoiding triggering allergens. These include:

Some individuals are interested in using home remedies, such as herbal medicines. As the research authors note, the evidence for their efficacy remains limited. Very few high quality studies show significant benefits for these home remedies.

Find out more about home remedies for allergic rhinitis here.

Any individuals with symptoms of allergy or asthma should contact a doctor. Doing so can lead to receiving the best possible treatment. According to the above 2022 review, symptoms of allergic rhinitis include:

The above 2023 review lists the following as symptoms of asthma:

If an individual has worsening or very acute symptoms of asthma, they could be having an asthma attack.

An asthma attack is a medical emergency. Under these circumstances, an individual must seek immediate medical care.

Learn more

Learn more about asthma and asthma emergencies.

This section answers some frequently asked questions about the best U.S. cities and states for allergies and asthma.

What US city has the least pollen?

According to the AAFA, Buffalo, NY, has the least tree and weed pollen. Meanwhile, Seattle, WA, has the least grass pollen.

What are the worst cities for allergies?

The AAFA estimates that Wichita, KS, Dallas, TX, and Scranton, PA, are the worst cities for living with allergies.

Is Florida better for people with allergies?

No. According to the AAFA, of the 20 worst cities for living with allergies, seven are in Florida.

Allergic rhinitis and asthma are conditions that can affect a person’s breathing. They can both worsen depending on someone’s exposure to triggers. These triggers include allergens, air pollution, and tobacco smoke.

When it comes to triggers of allergic rhinitis and asthma, some places have fewer than others.

These places can be more suited for living with such conditions. According to the AAFA, the best metropolitan area for allergies is Buffalo, and the best metropolitan area for asthma is Provo.