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When using a toner, a person typically applies it after cleansing and before moisturizing their face. Some toners help with general skin care and others are formulated for specific concerns and skin conditions.

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People may use toners to address skin care concerns, such as acne and dry skin, as well as signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Traditionally, manufacturers developed toners to completely clean the skin, removing excess oil and debris. More recently, they have formulated toners to be more gentle and nourishing and to help the skin absorb other skin care products.

Some of the claims made for toners are backed up by scientific studies. Researchers found that toner made with emblica is effective at reducing levels of sebum, an oily substance produced by glands in the skin.

Research has shown that following a three-step skin care routine, which included toner and other over-the-counter products, improved acne. The participants had fewer skin lesions and a reduction in redness and inflammation after 6 weeks.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association confirms that the best time to use toner is after cleansing and before applying moisturizer.

Learn more about the best order of a skin care routine.

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  • Reputation: The products are from companies that adhere to industry best practices.
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TruSkin Ocean Minerals Daily Face Super Toner

Best toner for daily use

This multifunctional toner contains a blend of peptides, witch hazel, glycolic acid, and antioxidants.

TruSkin says that this helps firm, hydrate, and soothe the skin, while evening its tone.

The company recommends applying it to clean, dry skin once a day.

A 4-fluid ounce (fl. oz.) bottle is available for $15.99.

Bioderma Hydrabio Toner

Best toner for dry skin

This patented formula targets skin oils.

It is lightweight and noncomedogenic, meaning that it does not block pores.

Bioderma recommends this for dehydrated skin and suggests applying it in the morning and evening with cotton pads.

The container and packaging are recyclable.

An 8.3-fl. oz. bottle is available for $16.99.

Peach & Lily Acne Exfoliating Toner

Best toner for exfoliating

With a 2% salicylic acid formula, this toner is prescription strength and suitable for acne-prone skin.

Learn more about using salicylic acid for acne here.

Peach & Lily says that this toner clears pores, reduces redness, and calms the skin.

It is alcohol-free to prevent irritation and dryness, and a person can use it up to three times a day.

A 4-fl. oz. bottle is available for $10.99.

SkinCeuticals Conditioning Toner

Best toner for oily skin

This toner is suitable for normal to oily skin.

SkinCeuticals says that it also reduces discoloration.

It contains alpha hydroxy acids and eucalyptus essential oil.

A person should use it twice a day after cleansing.

A 4.8-fl. oz. bottle is available for $34.

Alastin Renewal Retinol

Best toner with retinol

Designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this product contains retinol, oat extract, silver mushroom, and antioxidants.

The manufacturer recommends using this in the evenings only, starting with two or three nights a week and gradually increasing it to every night.

A 1-fl. oz. container with 0.25-strength retinol is available for $55, and the 0.5 strength version is available for $60.

Learn about retinol creams here.

Loli Blue Cornflower Toner

Best toner for sensitive skin

Made for people with sensitive skin, this toner is designed to cleanse, tone, balance, hydrate, and calm the skin.

Ingredients include blue cornflower, chamomile, witch hazel, and malachite extract.

A person can store this in the refrigerator. Apply it with a cotton pad.

A 4.2-fl. oz. bottle is available for $38.

True Botanicals Nutrient Toner

Best toner for acne

This toner is suitable for people with oily skin or skin that is prone to break out.

True Botanicals says that this nourishes the skin and balances its tone. It contains sandal hydrosol, which acts as a natural disinfectant.

The company recommends applying with cotton pads after cleansing.

A 4-fl. oz. bottle is available for $48.

Eminence Neroli Age Corrective Mist

Best toner for mature skin

This toner is suitable for mature skin, as well as all other types.

The company says that it may boost collagen levels.

It contains natural retinol alternatives to avoid irritating the skin. A person can spray it on their face or apply it with cotton pads.

A 4.2-fl. oz. bottle is available for $38.

PCA Skin Nutrient Toner

Best toner for combination skin

The company says that this is appropriate for all skin types and addresses many skin concerns, from acne to signs of aging.

Active ingredients include a pumpkin wine base, amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes.

A person can apply it once or twice a day with a cotton pad.

A 4.4-fl. oz. bottle is available for $40.

Avene Gentle Toning Lotion

Best toner for skin protection

Avene says that this toner is suitable for people with all skin types and that it protects the skin from environmental damage, balances the skin’s PH levels, and soothes the skin after make up removal.

Ingredients include natural silicates and the company’s thermal spring water.

A person can use it twice a day and apply it with a cotton pad.

A 6.7-fl. oz. is available for $20.

A person can use toner after cleansing and before moisturizing their face. Different toners are formulated to address different skin concerns, such as acne, signs of aging, dryness, and oiliness. Anyone interested in finding the best toner for their concerns may have a wide range of options.