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The Big Fig mattress may suit a person with a larger frame or those living with obesity.

Big Fig’s mattress has a sturdy construction, and the company claims it can support more weight than a standard mattress.

This article discusses the Big Fig brand and their products, before offering further information on mattresses and how they affect health.

Big Fig is a relatively new brand offering a heavy-duty hybrid mattress. It combines layers of latex, foam, and coils to provide comfort and support for people with obesity or overweight.

Customers can shop for mattresses online and have them home-delivered. The company also offer a trial period, so people can try a mattress at home and return it for a full refund if they wish.

Big Fig’s website marketing focuses on the quality and strength of their materials. They state that their mattress will not sag, supporting up to 1,100 pounds of combined weight.

On their website, users have submitted generally positive four and five-star ratings. The manufacturer state they have an average of five stars from over 1,300 reviews on their site.

However, people should note that companies may filter ratings on their site, while happy customers are more likely to leave reviews than those dissatisfied with the product. The mattress is not listed on Amazon or other retailers, making comparing reviews difficult.

Big Fig offer one mattress for sale on its website alongside other products.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

Big Fig Mattress

The Big Fig Mattress is a hybrid model made from a combination of coils and foam for support and comfort.

Big Fig state that this mattress is medium-firm. As they have designed the product for people with larger frames, those with moderate weight or underweight may find the mattress too firm for their needs.

In addition, the website states the product features motion isolation, meaning that movements do not transfer across the mattress. This may benefit people who share a bed and are easily disturbed.

Another promoted feature is edge support, which may make it easier to get in and out of bed. It also prevents people from hanging or rolling over the mattress edge during sleep. In addition, cooling properties help reduce overheating at night.

The Big Fig Mattress includes:

  • a 20-year warranty
  • free shipping
  • 120-night trial

The Big Fig Mattress is available for purchase online.

Big Fig Bed Frame

This bed frame can support up to 2,000 lb, with a stable footing device to prevent the bed from tipping when sitting on the edge.

Big Fig have constructed the bed frame using recycled materials. However, it is only available for purchase with a new mattress.

The Big Fig Bed Frame is available online.

Big Fig Foundation

Big Fig have designed their Foundation to sustain extra weight, with 18 slats to help support up to five times the weight of a typical bed foundation.

Big Fig state their Foundation is easy to assemble without tools. According to their site, the product is included with every mattress purchase, although it is unclear if a person can purchase them separately.

People considering a stronger mattress may wish to compare Big Fig to some of their competitors. Alternatives to the company’s mattress are below.

  • STL Beds offer heavy-duty mattresses through their website.
  • Helix Plus sell a plus size accommodating hybrid mattress, similar to Big Fig.

Learn about the best mattresses for people with obesity here.

Mattresses play an important role in a person’s overall health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that adults get at least 7 hours of quality sleep every day.

A suitable mattress that offers sufficient support and comfort may improve a person’s sleep quality.

An older study looked at how new bedding systems can affect sleep. The research found that a newer mattress can improve sleep quality and reduce back pain.

Big Fig’s state their mattress helps support those with obesity or overweight. This can be important in helping improve sleep quality — when a person lays down, they put pressure on various parts of their body.

In a 2017 study, researchers identified that the body areas affected most commonly by pressure points during sleep are:

  • shoulders
  • buttocks
  • back

Mattresses may help a person avoid waking up in pain, while they could also ease lower back pain. A 2015 review found that a subjectively identified medium-firm and self-adjusted mattress may improve sleep quality and spinal alignment.

With this in mind, Big Fig’s medium-firm mattress may help some people living with lower back pain, but it is not guaranteed to benefit everyone.

Big Fig focus much of their marketing on the construction quality and robustness of their products. Their mattress caters to people with obesity or overweight, who often need additional support as they sleep.

A quality mattress that properly supports a person’s weight may make a difference in improving sleep quality. They can also reduce stiffness, pain, and discomfort when a person wakes.

Big Fig may not be suitable for everyone, but it may provide sufficient support to some sleepers.