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Many online retailers sell birth control. A person needs a prescription, and these companies can offer them in some states. Buying online can be convenient, but prices may be higher than those at local drugstores or health centers.

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  • For a variety of birth control options: Nurx
  • For a wide range of birth control pills: Hers
  • For additional health services: Lemonaid
  • For convenient renewals: SimpleHealth
  • For pickup from local pharmacies: Wisp

Ordering birth control online is often straightforward. A person selects what they want and enters their billing and shipping information. When they receive the order, the company ships it to the address provided.

Some sites ask for insurance information, too, so that they can bill the insurance company. The specific steps can vary by retailer.

Before making a payment, it is a good idea to:

  • speak with a doctor about contraception types and needs
  • check about coverage with the insurance provider
  • confirm eligibility with the online company, as some do not offer prescription services in all states

Checking with a doctor is important because some health conditions, such as high blood pressure, can increase the risk of complications when a person takes a hormonal form of birth control, such as the pill.

People who are minors can purchase birth control in several states without limitations. The definition of a minor sometimes varies. It is important to check state guidelines, which a person can do here.

The following retailers offer birth control services and online ordering in the United States. Shipping costs can vary by company and location.

As always, consult a healthcare professional about any questions related to contraception.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information is purely research-based.


Nurx offers a variety of services, tests, and birth control ordering options. It can help a person get a prescription at an additional cost.

With an approved insurance plan, a person may be able to get their birth control for free. Without insurance, a person pays $15 dollars for any of the birth control options.

Nurx provides the:

All customers, including those with valid prescriptions, need to take a Nurx medical questionnaire. Once the company approves this, a person can order a single delivery or sign up for automatic refills.

Learn more about Nurx here.


Hers provides products and services marketed for women’s health and wellness. Customers can purchase several types of birth control pills.

The plans start at $12 a month, regardless of whether a person has insurance. People with insurance may prefer to opt for other retailers.

A person can order one or more months of pills, and recurring refills are available.

Customers need approval from a Hers online doctor before they can place an order. This medical consultation is free and involves filling out a questionnaire.

Learn more about Hers here.


Lemonaid offers a range of medical treatments and services, from primary care video consultations to hair loss medications. It provides 3-month supplies of the birth control pill, and a person can sign up for automatic refills.

To order, a person needs a yearly consultation that costs $25. The price of the pills depends on a person’s insurance status and plan.

Once an order is approved, it will arrive within 3–4 days.


SimpleHealth provides the ring, patch, and pill. It allows for automatic renewals every 3 months and offers free shipping

Like other companies, it requires a medical consultation to determine the correct prescription for each person. And people with insurance may not need to pay for their birth control.

The SimpleHealth website has guides about birth control and fertility, and online consultations are available.


Wisp sells several medications online, including various types of birth control pill, though not the ring, patch, or shot. It does not charge an online consultation fee.

The company can call in orders to local pharmacies for people who prefer to pick up their birth control in person or who need it immediately. For people who prefer it shipped, Wisp offers automatic refills.

The following are some frequently asked questions about ordering birth control online:

Do you have to go to a gynecologist for birth control?

A person does not necessarily need to visit a gynecologist for birth control. Most online companies require a type of medical consultation before providing contraception. This might involve filling out an online form.

Several online companies, such as Hers and Lemonaid, can provide prescription services in every state. And in some states, people considered minors can use online services to purchase birth control and get a prescription for it without restrictions. It is important to check local legislation, which a person can do here.

It is a good idea to bring any questions about birth control to a healthcare professional and to have yearly health visits. At these, a doctor can provide preventive care and testing to help enhance overall health.

Are birth control pills available over the counter?

Birth control pills are available by prescription only. A person either needs to visit a doctor or use an online service to get a prescription before placing an order.

Is it safe to get birth control online?

Ordering birth control online can be safe, effective, and private. It can also be convenient — some companies, such as Nurx, send automatic refills.

Before making an order, check reviews on third-party sites. If the company does not seem reliable or safe, it may be a good idea to shop elsewhere.

When to see a doctor about birth control options

Anyone with questions about birth control should speak with a healthcare professional.

It is especially important for people with certain health conditions and risk factors to consult a professional before choosing a type of birth control. For example, smoking or having high blood pressure can increase the risk of complications related to some forms of birth control.

It is also important to speak with a doctor about how to stop using contraception safely and how to restart it, for people who wish to do so — before and after a pregnancy, for example. Factors such as breastfeeding or chestfeeding can affect which medications are safe after giving birth.

Ordering birth control online can be safe, convenient, and easy, but it may cost a bit more than filling a prescription in a pharmacy or clinic.

Before they send out medication, most online retailers require a medical consultation. These online consultations should not replace visits to a doctor. Anyone with questions about contraception should contact a healthcare professional.