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BlanQuil sells a range of mattresses, bedding, and sleep accessories. Its products include a variety of weighted blankets, including cooling, travel, and kid-friendly options.

Some people report that the extra pressure of a weighted blanket provides benefits, such as reduced anxiety and improved sleep.

In this article, we discuss the BlanQuil brand in more detail, including its reputation and the weighted blankets it sells. We also look at the science behind weighted blankets and discuss whether they could offer health benefits.

BlanQuil is a company selling sleep accessories, such as weighted blankets, mattresses, and bedding.

BlanQuil manufactures its products in China, and they are available from the BlanQuil website or in stores across the United States. The company also ships to Canada.

BlanQuil reputation

Positive online reviews for BlanQuil weighted blankets frequently mention:

  • ease of caring for the products
  • blanket feels thick and durable
  • better sleep and easing of anxiety and tension when using the blanket
  • suitability for people with a heavier weight or larger body frame

Negative online reviews note:

  • uneven distribution of weight, which shifts with movement
  • different weight than the company advertised
  • zips and ties breaking in the wash
  • slippery blanket cover sliding easily off the bed
  • too hot for sleeping under
  • traps moisture

BlanQuil claims that its weighted blankets apply gentle pressure evenly across the body to help promote relaxation and reduce stress. For people who use them for sleeping, they should allow a deeper, more restful sleep.

BlanQuil states that their weighted blankets use high density, eco-friendly glass microbeads to provide the weight. They also have ties to connect the blanket to a duvet to prevent slippage.

BlanQuil advises people to choose a blanket weight that is 8–15% of their body weight to feel as though the blanket “hugs” them. However, a person can select whichever blanket they think will feel most comfortable for them.

Learn about how heavy a weighted blanket should be here.

BlanQuil weighted blanket options include:

  • Quilted Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover: People who opt for this plush blanket with a removable, machine washable cover can choose from 15-, 20-, or 25-pound (lb) options.
  • Chill — Cooling Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover: This cooling blanket with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric is available in a 15-lb or 20-lb weight.
  • Basic Weighted Blanket: This single-piece blanket, which is suitable for spot cleaning and occasional machine washing, may suit people looking for a lower price or lighter blanket. It is available in weights of 12 lb and 15 lb.
  • Royale Weighted Comforter: The most expensive of BlanQuils weighted blankets, the Royale comes in queen- or king-size and weighs 36 lb. The removable cover is suitable for machine washing.
  • Junior Kids Weighted Blanket: This lighter, smaller option for kids weighs 7 lb and measures 36 by 48 inches. It also has a removable, machine washable cover. This product is not suitable for young children or infants.
  • Passport Travel Weighted Blanket: Coming with a 25-liter travel bag, this travel weighted blanket weighs 10 lb and measures 36 by 60 inches. It has a removable, machine washable cover.
  • Premium Weighted Blanket: BlanQuil’s flagship product is available in a weight of 15 lb or 20 lb. People can choose between lilac and pearl, both of which come with a removable, machine washable cover.

Similar products that a person can consider include:

YnM Weighted Blanket

This blanket may suit people who want to try a weighted blanket for the first time and would prefer not to spend too much money doing so.

Features include:

  • a range of weight, size, and color options
  • breathable fabric and glass beads for weight
  • small, tightly sewn compartments to prevent weight shifting unevenly
  • cotton is OEKO-TEX-certified

Huggaroo Pouch

People may want to try the Huggaroo Pouch as an alternative option to a weighted blanket for children.

The Huggaroo Pouch is a fitted, weighted sheet that stretches over the bed to provide even pressure without the extra weight or heat of a weighted blanket.

Learn about more of the best weighted blankets here.

Weighted blankets may help reduce anxiety and increase relaxation.

A 2015 pilot study looked at the effects of a 30-lb weighted blanket on 30 adults receiving inpatient care for mental health conditions. Measurements from the State Trait Anxiety Inventory-10 (STAI-10) and a self-rating system showed that 60% of the participants experienced a significant reduction in anxiety when using a weighted blanket.

Learn more about weighted blankets and anxiety here.

A 2015 article involving 31 adults with chronic insomnia suggests that weighted blankets may help with this condition.

The participants maintained their usual sleep environment for a week. They then used a Somna AB weighted blanket for 2 weeks before returning to their usual sleep environment for the final week.

Objective and subjective measures showed improved sleep quality with the use of the weighted blanket. Objective improvements were higher among those who reported a positive experience of using the weighted blanket and also used sleep medication.

However, it is important to note that Somna AB supported the study with a grant and that there was no control group or placebo blanket.

Learn more about the potential health benefits and risks of weighted blankets here.

BlanQuil offers a range of weighted blankets in different weights and sizes, including travel and child-friendly option.

Some research suggests that weighted blankets may help with anxiety and insomnia, although researchers still need to conduct further studies to confirm these benefits.

Weighted blankets may not be suitable for everyone. Anyone with existing health conditions, particularly circulatory, breathing, or temperature-regulating issues, should check with a doctor before trying one of these products.

A doctor can also advise whether older adults and young children are safe to use a weighted blanket.