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Bowflex sells a range of fitness equipment, including home gyms. These all-in-one machines allow people to perform a variety of different exercises with a single piece of equipment. Bowflex currently offers two home gym models.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried any of these products. All information presented here is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

Bowflex began producing equipment to help people reach their fitness goals at home in 1986. Over time, the company has expanded its offerings to include cardio and strength training equipment.

Bowflex now sells a range of fitness equipment, including:

Bowflex home gyms are all-in-one machines. They use resistance technology that does not rely on gravity. The company states that this reduces strain on the joints and tendons while maximizing the effort that people put into their exercises, thereby increasing results. There is no research to support this claim, however.

Bowflex home gyms are expensive. However, with regular use, they may offer more long-term value than a gym membership or personal trainer.

These home gyms use a Power Rod system that replicates the feeling of free weights.

Both products come with a warranty that varies by country.

Bowflex currently sells two different home gym models. The sections below cover them in more detail.

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

This model includes a leg developer and makes it possible for a person to perform more than 70 different exercises. This is less than the Revolution model.

The resistance is 210 pounds (lb), which a person can upgrade to 410 lb for an extra cost. This is over 100 lb more than the maximum resistance of the Revolution model. People wanting the most resistance possible may prefer the Xtreme model.

The Bowflex Xtreme measures 135 centimeters (cm) in length, 124 cm in width, and 208 cm in height. The company recommends that people have a space of 244 cm x 196 cm in which to work out.

The equipment weighs 185 lb and has a user weight limit of 300 lb.

This home gym retails for $1,499. Payment plans, such as an 18-month financing option, are available.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

This model allows for a wider range of exercises than the Xtreme model, with over 100 exercises possible. People wanting a large number of possible exercises may prefer the Revolution model.

Although the standard maximum resistance is 220 lb, which is more than the Xtreme model, it is only upgradable to 300 lb, whereas the Xtreme model is upgradable to 410 lb.

The Bowflex Revolution measures 284 cm in length, 97 cm in width, and 185 cm in height. The company recommends that people have an area of 305 cm x 214 cm in which to work out.

The equipment weighs 336 lb and has a user weight limit of 300 lb.

This home gym retails for $2,899. Payment plans, such as an 18-month financing option, are available.

Learn more about the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym here.

number of possible exercises
210 lb, upgradable to 410 lb
4’5″L x 4’1″W x 6’11″H
workout area
8′ x 6’5″
7 years for the machine


  • versatile, allowing for a wide range of exercises that work different muscle groups
  • a convenient alternative to using multiple items of equipment or attending fitness classes
  • a good investment if a person uses it regularly


  • can be an expensive purchase if a person does not use it regularly
  • requires a significant amount of space to use
  • may be complicated for beginners to use
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Bowflex has produced free workout guides that people can download from its website. The company recommends that people use its home gym to work out for 20 minutes per day on 3 days of the week, which it says is sufficient to lose weight, build muscle, and increase energy.

Bowflex also offers a free meal plan with its machines. The company states that the average home gym customer loses 16.8 pounds in 6 weeks when following the workout plan and meal plan. However, there are no objective studies to support this statement.

The Bowflex home gym includes seven free trainer-designed workouts that include the following exercises:

  • 20-minute better body
  • 20-minute upper body
  • 20-minute lower body
  • bodybuilding
  • circuit training anaerobic
  • true aerobic
  • strength training routines

Other brands sell smart home gyms that are similar to Bowflex’s options. Some alternative options include:

  • Tonal Home Gym: The Tonal offering is a wall-mounted smart home gym that uses an in-built camera and a screen to display workouts, similar to a workout mirror. It offers resistance of up to 200 lb. It may suit people wanting to save space, though it does not offer streaming or classes. It is available for $2,995.
  • NordicTrack Fusion CST: This smart gym offers weight and cardio training. iFit membership from NordicTrack enables access to streaming classes. This offering may suit people looking for coaching or advanced workouts. It is available for $1,999. Learn more about NordicTrack here.
  • Tempo Studio Home Gym: This smart gym offers live classes with coaching and personal trainers. It may suit people keen to have guidance and motivation when working out at home. It comes with extra equipment, such as weights, but requires a subscription to access online content. It is available for $2,495.

Learn more about other home gym options here.

The potential benefits of strength training, with or without equipment, include:

  • an increase in muscle mass
  • stronger bones
  • greater joint flexibility
  • weight control
  • better balance, leading to a reduced risk of falls and injuries

Physical activity, in the form of both strength and aerobic training, can also have positive effects for those with certain chronic health conditions. According to one 2015 review, such conditions may include depression and different forms of arthritis.

There have been no objective studies on the health benefits of using a Bowflex home gym specifically.


As with any physical activity, people can injure themselves using home gyms. Many of these injuries occur due to gym equipment.

When using a home gym, it is important to follow all of the manufacturing instructions. People should take care to set up, use, and maintain the equipment correctly.

People can reduce the risk of injury by:

  • warming up before exercising and cooling down afterward
  • refraining from pushing themselves past their current fitness level
  • using the right equipment and using it correctly

Bowflex sells two home gym models that may help people reach their fitness goals. These products offer strength training equipment and cardio exercise options that a person can use in their own home.

Physical activity can be helpful for a variety of health conditions. It is important to use the equipment correctly and to warm up and cool down before and after exercise to reduce the risk of injury.