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Bowflex offers two treadmills: the T22 and T10. Both options give a person access to walking and running exercises at home to help them improve their physical fitness.

At-home exercise equipment, such as treadmills, can help increase physical activity. This article explores two popular treadmills from the home fitness brand Bowflex and compares their key features. It also looks at some alternative brands and discusses the health benefits and risks of using treadmills.

Bowflex started its business in 1986. The brand considers itself a leader in taking fitness equipment out of the gym and into people’s homes.

The company produces a range of fitness equipment, including:

The company also offers a subscription-based fitness platform called JRNY, which users can build into their fitness routines. JRNY includes:

  • individualized adaptive workouts according to strength and endurance
  • on-demand classes with trainers
  • recommended workouts according to user preferences
  • recalibrated effort levels according to user history and current mood
  • access to subscription streaming services, such as Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+, during a workout
  • over 50 global destinations to explore in HD during a workout
  • curated music playlists
  • the ability to share data with other health apps, such as Apple Health

Bowflex does not currently have accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, the BBB has given Bowflex’s parent company, Nautilus, a rating of A-. The grade is because the company failed to respond to one complaint filed against them.

Trustpilot currently gives Bowflex a rating of 2.4 stars out of 5. Positive reviews of the company mention its equipment is good quality and lasts for years, while others stated it is a convenient way to exercise at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, negative reviewers mention poor customer service and delivery time frames. Customers also reported problems assembling the equipment and arranging for repairs.

Bowflex currently sells two treadmills: the T22 and the T10.

Please note that the writer has not tested these products. All information is research-based.

Bowflex T22

Bowflex describes the T22 as their best at-home treadmill. It features an incline of -5% to 20%, while an extended handlebar grip provides support on steeper inclines.

The T22 also comes with a 22-inch (in) HD touchscreen and a free 2-month trial of Bowflex’s JRNY experience. Monthly subscriptions after this period cost an additional fee, which a person can purchase via Bowflex, the Apple App Store, or Google Play.

The treadmill also features a softer landing for larger runners with its Comfort Tech deck cushioning. Speed and incline knobs allow users to adjust position and pace during a workout, with a maximum speed of 12 mph.

A built-in fan features three speed settings to remain cool during a run, while heart rate hand grips allow users to stay within their primary heart rate zone. The T22 also comes with a Bluetooth heart rate armband for advanced heart rate training and tracking.

For people who wish to stow away their treadmill between sessions, the SoftDrop™ folding system reduces the machine’s overall footprint by 40%.

According to Bowflex on-site reviews, 80% of users would recommend the T22 to a friend.

Bowflex T10

The T10 is a slightly cheaper alternative to the T22. It features an incline of -5% to 15%, 5% flatter than the T22. However, the T10 does not feature an extended handlebar grip for extra support during incline training.

The machine’s 10-in HD touchscreen is also smaller than the T22’s display. However, the T10 also comes with a free 2-month trial of Bowflex’s JRNY experience. After this time, monthly subscriptions cost an additional fee, which a person can purchase via Bowflex, the Apple App Store, or Google Play.

Just as with the T22, the T10 features Comfort Tech™ desk cushioning, speed and incline knobs to adjust pace and position, and has a maximum speed of 12 mph. It also features a built-in fan, heart rate hand grips, and a free Bluetooth armband for advanced heart rate training and tracking.

The T10 is just under 5 in lower in height than the T22. According to Bowflex on-site reviews, 93% of users would recommend the T10 to a friend.

The following table provides a comparison of the T22 and the T10 across key features.

Bowflex T22Bowflex T10
Dimensions (unfolded) (in)85 L x 39.6 W x 70 H85 L x 39.6 W x 65.3 H
Screen size (in)2210
Running surface (in)60 L x 22 W60 L x 22 W
Weight of treadmill (lb)336323
Max weight of user (lb)400400
Motor (HP)4.03.0
Max speed (mph)1212
Incline-5& to 20%-5% to 15%
ConnectivityWi-Fi, BluetoothWi-Fi, Bluetooth
ExtrasBluetooth heart rate armband, built-in fanBluetooth heart rate armband, built-in fan, built-in media shelf
AppsAmazon, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ (additional monthly subscription required)Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ (additional monthly subscription required)
Classes/programsBuilt-in JRNY experience with individualized workouts (requires subscription)Built-in JRNY experience (requires subscription)
WarrantyFrame and motor: 15 years
Mechanical parts: 5 years
Electronics: 1 year
Labor: 2 years
Frame and motor: 15 years
Mechanical parts: 5 years
Electronics: 1 year
Labor: 2 years
FinancingAvailable to qualified buyersAvailable to qualified buyers

Bowflex is just one of several companies providing at-home treadmills. Here are three alternatives to the T22 and T10.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 treadmill

Featuring a 14-in HD touchscreen and a top speed of 12 mph, the NordicTrack 2450 also offers interactive personal training with its iFit experience. A 1-year membership comes included with the price. This treadmill has a -3% to 15% incline and connectivity to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Learn more about NordicTrack treadmills.

ProForm Pro 2000

The Pro 2000 is a cheaper alternative to both the T22 and T10. Like the NordicTrack 2450, it offers a free, 1-year membership iFit, which users can engage with using its 10-in HD touchscreen. With a maximum speed of 12 mph and an incline of -3% to 12%, the Pro 2000 also features a built-in fan, folding deck, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Learn more about ProForm treadmills.

Sunny Health & Fitness T4400

The T4400 is an affordable option for users who do not wish to spend thousands of dollars on home fitness equipment. The machine features a smaller running belt of 48 in by 15 in, making it a suitable option for users who need a compact exercise machine. However, it may not be an appropriate option for taller people. It features just two incline options of 2% and 4.37%, with a maximum speed of 9 mph.

Learn about the best treadmills for running.

Regular exercise, whether at home, outside, or in the gym, offers many health benefits. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that regular physical activity, such as running or walking on a treadmill, can help:

  • improve weight loss and control
  • reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers
  • strengthen bones and muscles
  • boost mood and ward off depression and anxiety
  • improve thinking, learning, and judgment skills
  • reduce the risk of dying early

According to Harvard Health, treadmills can target key muscle groups that older adults need to improve their stability and endurance. They may also be helpful for people recovering from injury or illness, as they can dial up the exercise intensity slowly over a period of time.

It also recommends that users new to treadmills start slowly with 10-minute sessions at first and then build these up to 20–30 minutes as their strength and fitness levels improve.

However, note that using any gym equipment carries some risk of injury. A 2015 study of fitness equipment users found that people who used treadmills were more likely to:

  • trip or fall while using treadmills
  • get body parts caught in the moving parts of treadmills
  • injure themselves while moving the treadmills

The Bowflex T22 and T10 offer a suitable workout and plenty of technical features that may help improve fitness and increase engagement, but they can be expensive for some people. However, there are alternatives offering a similar experience. New treadmill users should start slowly and gradually build up the intensity and length of workouts as their fitness improves to reduce the risk of injury.

Please note: Medical News Today does not imply warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or endorse any of these applications. Nobody at MNT has evaluated these apps for medical accuracy. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved them unless otherwise indicated.