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Personal Chef To Go provide a meal delivery service offering fully cooked and prepared meals. Most of the meals are meat-based, so people following a vegetarian diet may struggle to find a menu suitable for them.

Upon receiving a meal delivery, people just need to heat and serve the food. Prior to heating, the food can stay fresh in the fridge for a week or longer.

This article will discuss Personal Chef To Go in more detail, including the different meal options and the pros and cons of the service.

Personal Chef To Go offer prepared meals that subscribers only need to heat and serve. The company promise that unheated meals will remain fresh in the refrigerator for 10–12 days and assure customers that they use only fresh, healthful ingredients.

Reviews of the service are generally positive, but some users comment on the lack of options for vegetarians and those following other specific diets.

Personal Chef To Go deliver weekly meals. The company ship meals on a Wednesday for a Thursday or Friday delivery. The meals arrive in single-serving, microwavable trays, so they require no setup or preparation.

However, Personal Chef To Go do not reuse trays, so each single-serving tray adds to a household trash pile.

Subscribers in the Eastern United States can get free shipping, but those living outside this region will pay for express shipping based on their location.

People can opt for either five, eight, or 10 weekly meals. If a customer does not select their meals by the weekly deadline, the company automatically send meals based on the person’s preferences. Subscribers can pause the deliveries or cancel the service at any time.

Please note that no one at Medical News today, including the writer, has tried Personal Chef To Go. All information is research-based.

Personal Chef To Go is available for purchase online.

Personal Chef To Go’s offerings primarily comprise contemporary American food, including steak, chicken, and salads.

Some examples of meal options include:

  • grilled chicken and brown rice casserole
  • cilantro lime chicken
  • lean sliced beef loin
  • citrus salmon
  • lavender chicken

The company list each meal’s ingredients and nutrition facts, making it easy for people to see whether the food meets their dietary needs.

There are few vegetarian or vegan options and no explicitly gluten-free meals. For people who eat a wide range of foods or those who prefer meat-based dinners, however, this service may be a good option.

Some benefits of Personal Chef To Go include:

  • Minimal packaging: As the meals come ready to eat, there are fewer packages and no raw ingredients to ship, meaning less plastic and waste.
  • Free shipping: Personal Chef To Go ship free to the Eastern United States.
  • Price: The cost of meals with Personal Chef To Go is similar to the price of meal delivery services that ship raw ingredients.
  • Time-saving: For people who do not want or have time to cook, Personal Chef To Go can be very convenient.
  • Less food waste: People who enjoy the meals may waste less food if they buy fewer groceries.

Some drawbacks of Personal Chef To Go include:

  • Lack of vegetarian options: Almost all of Personal Chef To Go’s meals include fish and meat. This delivery service does not offer versatile options for people on plant-based diets.
  • Lack of gluten-free and other options: Personal Chef To Go do not allow users to filter by gluten-free, soy-free, or similar options. Not including this function can make it difficult for people with dietary restrictions to find the right meal.
  • Food sourcing and sustainability: Personal Chef To Go do not provide any information about food sourcing or sustainability, which may mean that this service is not a good option for people who prefer organic or free-range food.

Learn more about a vegetarian diet here.

Personal Chef To Go’s health benefits include:

  • Low calorie meals: Most meals contain fewer than 500 calories, making them less calorific than many takeout, restaurant, or other preprepared meal options.
  • Variety: Subscribers can choose from a variety of colorful, balanced meals.
  • More control over the diet: Preprepared meals can help a person plan ahead, decide how many calories to eat each day, and balance their diet.

However, while this service may suit many people, it is worth bearing in mind that people who have dietary restrictions or follow certain diets — for example, vegetarian or vegan — will have very few options.

Personal Chef To Go offer a range of foods tailored to different palates, although the meals are almost exclusively meat-based.

For people who enjoy the traditional American diet, using this service may be a great way to save time and money. However, people with specific dietary needs and preferences may find that another plan better suits their needs.