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Managing diabetes effectively involves regularly monitoring blood glucose levels. Contour Next One is a blood glucose monitor with various smart features that may help a person control their blood sugar.

This article discusses the features of the Contour Next One and what customers say about it. It also explains how to order the device and how blood glucose affects diabetes.

Ascensia Diabetes Care manufactures Contour Next diabetes products, including blood glucose monitors and test strips.

At the time of publishing, Ascensia does not hold accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which gives the company a B- grade.

Although there are no customer reviews on the BBB site, it notes that Ascensia has closed two complaints within the last year. These complaints are regarding poor customer service.

The Contour Next One device on Amazon has an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Many customers state that the device is high quality and easy to use. However, others say that they had problems pairing the device with their smartphones.

Please note, the writer has not tested this product. All information is research-based.

The Contour Next One meter is a smart digital blood glucose monitor.

A person using the device will need to insert a compatible Contour Next One test strip into the monitor. Once they have done this, they can take a small blood sample using a lancet and place this on the strip.

Learn more about lancets.

The monitor will check the blood sample and display the person’s blood glucose level on the screen. The company states that the device shows results within 5 seconds.

App compatibility

The company has a compatible app called the Contour Diabetes App. It is available for Android and iOS, and a person can use it in conjunction with their Contour Next One meter. The smartphone and the Contour Next One device connect via Bluetooth.

The Contour Diabetes App stores a person’s results and can detect blood glucose patterns. Additionally, people can add notes to the readings, such as:

  • food intake
  • activities
  • medication
  • photos
  • voice notes

A person can also electronically share their results and readings with their doctor.

smartLIGHT feature

The company’s trademarked smartLIGHT feature is a colored light that changes depending on a person’s blood glucose levels:

  • Green light: The device will show a green light if a person’s blood glucose levels are within their target range.
  • Amber light: The amber light indicates that a person’s blood glucose levels are above their target range.
  • Red light: A red light will show if a person’s blood glucose levels are below their target range.

Learn more about target blood glucose levels.

Second-chance sampling

This technology causes the Contour Next One device to alert a person by beeping twice if it cannot read the blood sample.

If the user hears this beeping, they will need to apply more blood to the testing strip.


Ascensia claims that the Contour Next One system meets the minimum accuracy requirements of the ISO 15197:2013 standard.

Meal markers

Before taking a blood sample, people can choose from one of three apple symbols on the Contour Next One screen:

  • Fasting meal marker: A person should choose this symbol if they test their blood glucose 8 hours after eating.
  • Before-meal marker: If a person tests their blood glucose 1 hour or less before a meal, they should choose this symbol.
  • After-meal marker: This symbol is for testing blood glucose within 2 hours of the first bite of food from a meal.

Ascencia offers a free Contour Next One device through its website. However, people are only eligible for this free device if they have private healthcare insurance.

Those who qualify will need to fill out and submit the online form and print out the coupon. Then, they can go to any pharmacy that stocks the device, where they will need to present a current prescription. After purchasing a pack of 50 Contour Next test strips, these individuals will receive a free Contour Next One device.

This offer is not available for people who are eligible for prescription reimbursements through:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare drug benefit plans
  • Tricare
  • any other federal or state health programs

Ascencia does not allow people to purchase the Contour Next One on its website. However, the company provides a list of websites where a person can purchase the device online. These include:

  • Amazon: Here, the monitor has a list price of about $19.
  • CVS Pharmacy: This device costs $19.99.
  • Rite Aid: Rite Aid sells the monitor for $16.99.
  • Walmart: People can purchase the device for $19.97 from Walmart.

All prices are correct at the time of publishing.

Some stores may accept flexible spending account and health savings account cards.

Some alternatives to the Contour Next One device include:

  • Accu-Chek Guide: This product has a strip port light that enables people to see their test strip at any time of the day. Additionally, this blood glucose meter automatically logs test results on a person’s smartphone if they download the MySugr app.
  • OneTouch Verio: This product uses ColorSure technology that shows when a person’s blood glucose levels are out of the healthy range. It automatically messages a person with their results and provides feedback on their blood glucose levels.
  • ReliOn Premier: The ReliOn stores 500 readings on the device screen. However, this device is not smartphone compatible.

The American Diabetes Association states that it is important to ensure that blood glucose levels stay within a healthy range. If a person’s blood glucose levels fall too low, it can affect their ability to think clearly. High blood glucose levels can damage the body and lead to complications over time.

For example, a 2017 study suggests that men with high blood sugar levels have an increased risk of developing colon cancer.

Additionally, research suggests that low blood glucose can influence decision making. The authors found that the participants with low blood sugar were more likely to become impatient and make intuitive rather than deliberative decisions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that several factors determine how frequently a person with diabetes should check their blood glucose levels. However, in general, it is advisable to check these levels on first waking up, before a meal, 2 hours after eating, and before going to bed.

The CDC recommends that people whose blood sugar levels are below 70 milligrams per deciliter should immediately take steps to increase them. Techniques to achieve this include:

  • taking four glucose tablets
  • drinking 4 ounces (oz) of fruit juice
  • drinking 4 oz of full-sugar soda
  • eating four pieces of hard candy

Additionally, people can manage blood sugar by:

  • exercising regularly
  • taking prescription medication
  • following a diabetes meal plan
  • monitoring their blood sugar and identifying patterns

The CDC recommends that people using insulin talk with a doctor about the type and amount of insulin they are using if they are finding it difficult to manage their blood sugar.

Learn more about diabetes treatment and lifestyle changes.

A person should contact their doctor as soon as possible if they experience any symptoms of diabetes. These symptoms may include:

  • feeling very thirsty or hungry
  • urinating more frequently than usual
  • feeling more tired than usual
  • blurry vision
  • numbness or a tingling sensation in the limbs
  • wounds that do not heal easily
  • unintentional weight loss

Those with a confirmed diabetes diagnosis should also check in with a doctor regularly to ensure that any medication they are taking is still suitable for their needs.

The Contour Next One is a blood glucose monitor with several smart features that may help people manage their diabetes. A person can connect the device to their smartphone to track their blood sugar results and share them with a doctor.

People should contact a doctor as soon as possible if they have any symptoms of diabetes and have not received a diagnosis. Those already living with diabetes should speak with a doctor if they are finding it difficult to control their blood sugar levels.