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Costco is a large retailer with a number of stores across the United States. The company sells a wide variety of products and has an optical department that sells eyewear and provides eye exams.

This article looks at Costco Optical and its reputation, lists which products it sells, and explains how to place an order.

Costco Optical is a department within large Costco stores. This department sells glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses and offers eye exams.

At the time of publishing, Costco Optical does not hold an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which gives the department an A+ grade.

The BBB does not hold any reviews for Costco Optical. Instead, it has a page where people review the entirety of Costco.

Reviewers give the company a rating of 1.48 out of 5.0. Positive reviews mention affordable prices, good customer service, and a wide selection of products available. Authors of negative reviews state that they experienced delivery delays and that Costco did not honor its refund policy.

Costco Optical sells glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses. Some products may only be available to people who have a Costco membership.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.


Costco Optical sells various eyeglass frames.

Apart from standard bifocal and single vision lenses, the company offers several other lens options, including:

  • Photochromic lenses: This type of lens adapts naturally to sunlight. Costco Optical carries brand-name Transitions photochromic lenses.
  • Antireflective lenses: These protect the eyes by reducing the glare on the glasses. Costco Optical states that these lenses reduce eye fatigue, limit reflections at night, and sharpen visual performance.
  • Blue antireflective lenses: Costco Optical claims these lenses protect against blue light from screens, reduce eye strain, and promote better sleep quality.
  • Multifunctional lenses: These lenses provide a larger central reading area. According to Costco Optical, this reduces eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches.
  • HD progressive lenses: These lenses allow users to see in high definition at a distance, and offer a larger reading area. The company states these lenses have less distortion than standard ones.

Costco Optical has various universal fit frames in different styles. These frames have been designed specifically for a diverse range of face sizes and shapes.

Contact lenses

Costco Optical sells a number of contact lens types, including:

  • daily lenses
  • 2-week lenses
  • monthly lenses
  • quarterly lenses
  • multifocal lenses
  • color lenses

Individuals have the option of purchasing contact lenses online from 18 different brands, including Kirkland Signature, the company’s own brand.


Costco Optical sells both brand and designer sunglasses. Some styles are available to Costco members only.

People can also purchase polarized sunglasses. The company states that lenses in these glasses protect against glare and block 100% of UV rays. Individuals can choose from different lens finishes.

Customers can order glasses online on the Costco website. However, if a person does not have a Costco membership, they may have to pay an additional charge for online purchases.

To order prescription glasses or contact lenses, a person will need to input their prescription or upload it to the Costco website. The company will verify the prescription with an eye doctor before shipping the order.

Customers can also buy Costco Optical products in their local store. A person can find their closest Costco Optical here.

Insurance and warranty

Costco Optical accepts most vision insurance plans. A person may be able to use their health savings account or flexible savings account to pay for some items. However, they should check with their local Costco store to ensure the company accepts their insurance.

Costco Optical does not offer exchanges or refunds on prescription glasses. However, if the glasses are faulty or defective or if they are an incorrect prescription, people have 60–90 days to return the product for a refund.

A person should check with their local store regarding warranty and return policy.

Costco Optical states that its staff are licensed opticians and high standard optometrists. Most of these optometrists are independent doctors of optometry.

If a person would like to schedule an eye exam, they need to call their local Costco warehouse. When prompted, they should select the optical department. Alternatively, if a person knows their independent doctor of optometry’s name, they can contact them directly.

Most major insurance plans cover the cost of a Costco Optical eye exam.

There are various other locations in which a person can receive an eye exam and purchase eyewear. Some examples are:

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) states that getting regular eye exams is essential for keeping vision healthy.

Different age groups may receive eye exams at different intervals. The AAO recommends the following:

  • Children: The AAO states a person should use its guide to determine when a child needs an eye exam.
  • Adults: If a person has healthy vision, they should receive an eye exam at least once in their 20s and twice in their 30s. When a person reaches the age of 40, they should get a complete eye exam.
  • Older adults: People aged over 65 years should receive an eye exam every 1–2 years.

However, the AAO also notes that people should get an eye exam as soon as possible if they notice any changes in their vision, sustain an eye injury, have diabetes, or have a family history of eye disease.

The National Eye Institute (NEI) recommends that people have a dilated eye exam even if their eyes feel healthy. The exam can help detect certain eye conditions early on.

The NEI recommends the following people get a dilated eye exam every 1–2 years:

  • people over 60 years
  • people over 40 years who are of African American descent
  • those with a family history of glaucoma

There are several ways a person can protect and maintain their vision. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest people:

Additionally, people who wear contact lenses should ensure they clean and store their lenses correctly. Not looking after one’s lenses properly increases the risk of numerous complications, such as keratitis, which is inflammation of the cornea that can lead to blindness.

Costco Optical is a department in Costco warehouses. It offers eye exams and sells glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

This department accepts most insurance plans. However, a person should check with their local store for details.

People should receive regular eye exams to ensure their eyes and vision are healthy. If a person notices any changes in their vision or sustains an eye injury, they should contact an eye doctor as soon as possible.